Wednesday, November 9, 2011

Why did I have so many children? and kind of a sad, discouraged day

Teenagers. Someone once said when kids turn 16 you seal them in a barrel and pass them food and water through a hole. Then when they turn 18 you plug the hole. I tell you what. I am just going to lose my mind. I tell my daughter that she's been gone too much and she has to spend the entire afternoon/evening with her family and she is completely outraged. It would have been funny if it was someone else's kid.

I didn't pay attention to time today, and was fighting the urge to eat (stupidly) and then just a bit ago I realized I wasn't eating frequently enough, I'd skipped my snack so no wonder I was feeling frantic. I had a few fritos; a couple bites of a cookie; some gummy worms. If I had had my head together, I could have had a nice bit of a snack! I didn't go over my calories, not by a long shot, but it was still quite disconcerting to find myself out of control like that--all because I was hungry. I should have just calmly gotten something to eat.

So tomorrow I will pay more attention to time and make sure to eat my snacks. Sometimes I am such a big baby. I was really getting upset with myself over this earlier. This whole thing with my daughter isn't helping either. 

Food for the day:
2 pieces bacon 80
1 egg 90
1 toast 70
butter 51
oj 84
2 tostadas 280
5 gummy worms 68
handful of fritos 80
3 bites of a cookie 72
1 1/2 pizzas made on english muffin halves I think around 350 calories, I'm making it kind of high because I didn't weigh or measure anything when I made them (I made 2 dozen of these things the kids wiped them out can you believe it)
Total 1231

No walk even though it was beautiful and sunny out! The day just got away from me. 

My son is having severe headaches, so he is scheduled for a cat scan on Friday AM. He thinks it's cool but I'm terrified they're going to find a tumor and he'll have 3 months to live. No wonder my son calls me 'worst-case-scenario-mom'. Pray for him. And me too.

Making wise choices even when I don't think I am,

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