Thursday, November 10, 2011

For some reason this was a long long day

Hubby left for Iowa this morning. He called me tonight to tell me he is going to be gone until next Friday! I was thinking until Wednesday, for some reason 2 more days without him is awful. I just don't like being the only parent here. 

Tonight I had to go around the house and make sure the trash was all gathered, then take it to the curb. I had to walk the dogs. I had to do the dishes, make sure the kids brushed their teeth, fought off the ones who thought they were going to sleep with me because Daddy is gone, and finally they're all upstairs bedding down. 

I have to get up super early tomorrow so we can be at the hospital by 8 for my son's cat scan. Why is it so hard to get up at 6:30? 

And I don't know why but the dogs are especially smelly tonight and they are ALL. IN. MY. ROOM.

We had a kitten named Lucy who refused to use the litter box. Notice I said 'had'. She followed Rachel on her walk with the dogs and ended up at a house down the street where they 'took in a stray' and--yes--found a good home for her!! Well bust my britches. They can have her and good riddance. There is nothing worse than having a sweet kitten who poohs all over everything in the house. I found out about all this through facebook, following threads. At first I didn't think it was Lucy, but as the days passed and she didn't show up I realized what had happened. Yay!!!!!

Pollyanna is still sweet, lovable, and uses the litter box faithfully. And is an indoor kitty. And such a love! So fun to play with her. For some reason she has to sleep with me, and it's just like sleeping with a baby. You don't move because you're afraid to wake the baby. You don't move the baby, because you're afraid they'll wake up. I have not been sleeping well for the last few weeks. 

Food for the day
cereal 120
milk 60
2 tostados 300
moz sticks from sonic 440
Katie's Dip with tortilla chips-- I know the chips were 160, more like 200, I have no idea how much the dip was but it smelled so good I decided to just have that for dinner. Besides, the kids had pizza rolls and I despise those things. I only had 1 serving of the dip.
I'm just really hoping that the total is 1500. It is probably less but to be safe I'm calling it a night.

Yes, today is the first of many 'kid friendly' meals I will be preparing while my hubby is gone. Stuff like corndogs, chicken strips, mac and cheese, chili dogs. Not sure if I will be eating the same stuff they are.

And what's with the no walking? This whole time change thing messes me up every year and before I realize it, it's dark outside. I am not walking in the dark. So no walk again today.

Thanksgiving is 2 weeks from today. So the holidays are pretty much right around the corner. I think tomorrow, after we get back from the hospital, or maybe even while I'm there in the waiting room, I'm going to make the first of my lists. You know, menus for the big meals, how many people will be there, Christmas presents for the kids, stuff like that. Will be good to take my mind off my son's brain.

Making wise choices in the midst of the storm,

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  1. Ha, I used to be the same way about pampering my cat when I had one. He slept with me, & *I* didn't move at all...hmm...I guess we really wanted our kitties to sleep with us? They do keep ya warm.
    Hang in there, dear one.