Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Well, it's starting again.

Yes. I've been back on the wagon, doing fine. Only took 2 weeks this time for someone to tell me I'm 'doing it wrong'. Sigh. 

Okay people, I have tried and tried and tried. and tried. to lose weight the way everyone else says to. I've done it all. I've cut out the sugar. I've cut out the processed foods. I've eaten lean meats and no fat. I've looked at the recipes for steamed cauliflower and roasted brussel sprouts. And it would last oh about a couple of hours? maybe? Because see I have no willpower. I have no strength. I am a soft mooshy marshmallow. 

Do you even KNOW how long it took me to discover that I can lose weight my OWN way? 

I have failed over and over in my attempts to lose weight. I have been over 200 for 20 years, over 300 for 10 years! It got to where I didn't care, I had given up, I would NEVER be able to eat all the great wonderful nutritious foods that 'they' say you 'have' to eat to lose weight. So I thought I was doomed. 

And then.

Yes, I discovered this incredible shocking truth. If you limit your calories, you can eat anything you want and still lose weight.

Maybe I didn't make myself clear. I will repeat that.

If you limit your calories, you can eat anything. you. want. and still lose weight.

So that is my explanation to anonymous commenters on my blog. I really really wish I liked all the stuff I'm 'supposed' to eat to lose weight. Like fish. And egg whites, no yolks. And fat free cheeses and fat free hotdogs and fat free everything. And diet pop. But there's this really horrible picky child that lives within my soul and there is nothing I can do about it. I like what I like. YOU like what YOU like. They're different? Yay! Yay for the freedom to eat whatever you want!

I'm sure my anonymous commenter meant well. I'm sure he/she did not intend to discourage me from even trying to lose weight because gee I don't eat vegetables which adds guilt which is a slippery spiral slope downward into the pit of hell for me.

So I harbor no ill will towards you, friend. 

Food I ate today:
cereal 120
milk 60
half a chili dog from sonic 300
half the fries maybe 150?
root beer 160--son had comprehensive eye exam today, with dilation, everything. Last meal eaten out for a long, long time. 
half can of tun with 1 T miracle whip 90
1 bread toasted 70
more fries 150
brownie 400
Total of 1500 calories for the day.

Husband comes home possibly late tomorrow night, so tomorrow is the last day I have a car during the day. I am taking a trip to 'the city' and going to the walmart supercenter because I'm out of flour and I cook so much from scratch I buy the HUGE bag. And I also need a new pair of slippers.

And Thanksgiving is next week! I've got my menu all planned, the family invited. Rachel and I will be ironing tablecloths and napkins, deciding on table decorations, counting plates and stuff like that THIS WEEK. And possibly Bekah is coming home next week for the whole week. I have no idea where she will sleep but she is welcome to come! 

Making wise choices and standing strong against the  wind of discouragement,


  1. I, too, am tired of the words of others. Well, it's not the word of others to my face, but it's info in the media that drives me nuts. One thing conflicts with the next, for starters. And then much of what they say, I no longer believe. I now eat butter. I have eggs often. I eat before bed. I don't exercise. But I am losing weight, fitting into smaller clothes, and feeling good. I look forward to getting to MY goal, of my own making, and then divulging the plan that worked for me. MY plan.

  2. Hi Laura, absolutely! Do It your Way, most definitely! It's your body, your tastebuds, your busy life, not theirs.

    Anyway, an observation I made when with friends was, that those thin people who seem to eat everything and not put on a pound are actually quite discriminating eaters. They do eat Just What They Want too! And their method is the same as yours, they limit their intake. Or just eat the bits they like. The reason they are thin is because their appetite stop signals work automatically. The only difference is that you are doing yours deliberately :) Well done and keep going!