Monday, November 7, 2011

It's Raining a Whole Lot!

Yes, rain has hit the midwest and all I can think of is I hope some trickles down to Texas. We needed rain bad but I think they need it worse.

So no walk today. Rachel and I did some errands and then I have been chained to my washer and dryer, folding, folding. And I officially do NOT like Lucy the kitten anymore. You would not BELIEVE the amount of little poo piles I have found in the dirty clothes. Ugh! 

This morning, my husband let her in the house and she went right to the rug in the kitchen and poohed right there. Yep. She was like 6 inches from the litter box. She so wants to be an outdoor kitty, even a barn kitty I can feel it!!! Thankfully Pollyanna is a good sweet darling kitten and uses the litter box consistently. This has become a sore trial for me!

I make my own detergent now. I can tell you are totally impressed. I found a recipe on the Duggar family website and I make the dry, not the liquid. I have a front loader, so I use 1 T of this detergent. Yes, you read that right. One tablespoon. 
So I made a triple batch today. I had all the inexpensive ingredients in my cabinet already, so thankfully I didn't need to buy any of them since we are strapped to the gills. I feel so proud of myself for doing this! And the best part is it is just like store bought detergent but much much cheaper and eco friendly!

Today I struggled with wanting more. No reason. I just wanted more. Just one of those things I'm going to have to deal with. Why do I want more? At lunch I just didn't feel satisfied with what I ate. Okay I have to make a decision here. Either I am doing something wrong or I once again am facing sabotage from my evil inner Laura, the one who always tries to destroy everything. 

So I'm going to continue planning my calories and walking and if I want more, tough. What, am I going to starve to death? Hahahahahahaha! It would probably take me like 3 years to starve to death. 
I AM NOT GOING TO STARVE if I don't give in to this. 

I'm kinda tired of posting what I ate for the day but I'm doing it anyways and you can skip it if you want. It's for me, not you.

Food I ate:
cocoa puffs 120
milk 60
mcdouble and small fry 616 cal
1/2 c chili 149
1 slice american cheese 60
1 serving of fritos 160

No walk but yay it's raining and raining.

Do you know how hard it is to take 3 dogs outside to go to the bathroom when they're all terrified of getting wet and won't go? It's fun. 

I think my blog is hard to read so I am trying to change things up a bit. Putting in paragraphs, changing the color and setup of my blog, stuff like that. I don't even know how many people read this anymore. I was gone for a bit.

Oh, my husband goes out of town on Wednesday and I get to be MomDad while he's gone for the week. Fun in the sun! Not really. I hate being in charge of everything, the dogs, the trash, carting kids around, the discipline, the chores, everything. It's not even like a party when he's gone, I miss him so. Well, one good thing, I can stay up as late as I want on the computer in my bedroom and he won't complain of the clacking of the keyboard and the clicking of the mouse.

Making wise choices, evil Laura, whether you like it or not,
Good Laura


  1. I'm following ... love the new blog... Very pretty and easy to read. Keep logging you food. It's so important!

  2. I also like that you log your food, not boring at all.

  3. I'm still here, I'm still here! Keep up the good work.