Saturday, November 12, 2011

Cool New Saying

If you do what you always did, you get what you always got.

I was reading a book and I saw that clever saying and I am putting it on my sidebar as a constant reminder to myself that if I eat the way I used to, I will look the way I used to.

If I eat mindlessly; never measuring anything; drink lots of root beer and chocolate milk; have 1, 2, 3 brownies and a big glass of milk; go out to eat and order whatever looks good and eat it ALL, including dessert; eat far into the night; and never watch my calories or portion sizes; then I WILL GAIN WEIGHT.

Instead, I count my calories; have only one; eat several small meals a day; have only a small amount of calories be from what I drink; measure everything I eat; try to be as accurate as possible on my calories; if I eat out, I either save calories for what I want or I eat half; and I am LOSING WEIGHT.

Food yesterday:
1 piece of pizza
1 breadstick
2 chicken baja chalupas
1 order of nachos
And that, my friends, is about 1540 calories. Yes. Yes, I ate out twice yesterday and enjoyed every. single. moment. It doesn't happen that often that I eat something I didn't cook. I knew it was going to happen, so I skipped breakfast except for milk to take my pills. I wanted to make sure I had about 1000 calories for my night out with my girls. At first we were going to go to Applebee's but since everyone and their brother was there, we went to Taco Bell instead. And I am glad glad GLAD! I do NOT like Applebee's. Everything there is so high in calories!! I was going to get their boneless chicken wings but that is 1100 calories. WithOUT the ranch dipping sauce. And not counting the fries. I was in agony. We had much more fun at Taco Bell, we were the only people there for a long time, and I was FULL after that and didn't eat another thing for the rest of the day.

Food for TODAY:
1 serving capn Crunch 120
6 oz milk 60
2 tostados 300
1 serving queso chips 160
1 very small square (2 small bites) Scotcheroos

Haven't eaten dinner yet. Since my husband is out of town I am making 'kid-friendly' meals for the family. Stuff like corn dogs, frozen pizza, popcorn chicken. I don't like all that, and I'm not sure what I will eat tonight. I might have soup (180), or a french bread pizza (380). 

It's incredibly boring around here. No husband to look for in the evening. No husband to cook for. I'm not sleeping well so I'm tired. And of course, my youngest wants to sleep with me because Daddy's not home. I feel whiny and complainy. Blah. I used to comfort myself with food. Now I just get busy, cleaning up the kitchen, or vacuuming, or whatever.

All in all, good days.

Making wise choices, even when eating out,

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  1. Glad you are being 'conscious'.

    Love the quote! Copying.

    Incase it ever matters, Applebee's has some lower calorie meals that they even post the calorie count on the menu. Under 550 calories. I've had one or 2 of them and they are very good imo.