Sunday, October 30, 2011

Busy Sunday, No Nap for Me!

Church this AM, then putzed around on the computer. Took the LONG walk today around the horseshoe. Man that was hard! But I finished. I died a bit when I got home, sat on the front porch for about 10 minutes relaxing. Laid down for about 20 minutes, then got everybody up and out the door for evening church.
Then went to friend's for supper.
Now MG quite possibly has a stomach virus, she is white as a sheet. Don't give it to me!
Food for the day:
Standard 200 calorie breakfast
Homemade burrito 400 cal
Queso chips 160 cal
After church supper of 1 chili dog, 3 crackers, 1/3 banana with a bit of chocolate dip, 4 small pieces of cheese, 2 sips of punch, 1/2 small piece of banana cake--I estimate all this at 800 calories. I have absolutely no idea what everything really is, I just tried so hard to have small portions of a small amount of food. 
But this is what real life is all about. I am not always going to have calorie information available to me. I can either
a. not eat at all which I would have died, I hadn't eaten since noon
b. do what I did, have 1 serving, stay away from pop.
I think I did okay. I really don't care what anybody else thinks. I set my own limits and goals. 1500 calories is what I shoot for, and if I actually DID go over, well, I did my best to stay under. 
For the most part, I know exactly how many calories are in the foods I eat. 
So pretty tired now, ready for bed. Can't believe Halloween is tomorrow. I only have 1 costume ready, MG is going to be the corpse bride, man I hope she isn't sick tomorrow! I totally didn't even think about a costume for Siah, or any of the other kids really. This whole retina surgery thing has taken up so much of my thoughts, why didn't I remember that more than 1 kid is going to want to trick or treat?
I also have to bag up the candy, which I forgot to buy little ziploc bags. 
I walked by myself today. My normal walking partner was taking a nap. Lucky dog. Was a little hard, stopped 3 times for a breather! Funny how quickly your stamina goes away. Kind of had a few feelings of rebelliousness about walking. It's just so HARD right now. And I went through this at the very beginning of my journey, and I hate having to go through it again! That's why I never picked up smoking after I quit 20 years ago, I don't want to have to quit again it was so difficult. I guess maybe this is a good lesson for me. Don't stop walking/working out or I'll struggle again. 
I have to have some kind of indoor exercise for when walking weather goes away. Because it will go away. I can't do anything jumpy/bouncy. I actually like the dance game we have for the wii. It's so fun and man does it knock me for a loop! That's what I want, something fun. Maybe I'll just do that? We also have wii fitness but I swear, when it comes to our tv and the wii I am a complete nincompoop about getting it to come on. You have to go to these special settings on the tv to turn it from tv to the wii, and I always have to have the kids do it for me. And yet I know so much about computers! Go figure!
Oh! I was horrified to discover that the walk around the horseshoe which I always thought was 1.7 miles is actually 1.15 miles! Now how did that happen? I did something wrong when I mapped my route and actually, it is really upsetting to find that it took me so long to walk ONE MILE. It was different thinking I was walking almost 2 miles. So I'm a little disconcerted.
Was a good day.
Making wise choices the theme of my life,

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  1. Funny you mention that you stopped smoking and would never start again for you know how hard it was to quit! I say this all the time! I quit over 13 years ago and will never start again. Why can't I do the same with weight loss? Thanks for something to ponder.