Tuesday, April 19, 2011

**Weigh Day Update** and reader email question and answer!

I guess Tuesdays are now my new official weigh day.

I lost 5 more pounds, I weigh 297 pounds, yay back under 300 again and on the downward trail!
Off to WalMart with my menu and shopping lists. I've had breakfast, and will cheerfully fly by all my tempting downfalls--McDonald's, Sonic, etc. I have lunch all planned out when I get home.
So this is short and sweet but you never know, I may come up with a bright and scintillating idea for a fabulous post while I'm out!
Zaababy out!

Quick Reader Email:
Dear Laura,
So glad you are posting again! I have missed your cheery outlook and optimism that comes out in your blog. Just a quick question: why did you stop posting? I saw you had gained weight. Sorry if I am asking too personal a question. Thanks!
From a fan

Dear Fan,
I am glad to be posting again too, thanks for missing me! Back when I started slowing down post wise I honestly felt boring. I didn't feel I had anything new to bring to the table. I had forgotten that this journal was for ME, to keep ME accountable, not to entertain anyone unlucky enough to come across my lame ramblings. Yes, after I became so unstable journal wise it showed forth in my losing focus--walking/running went to the wayside with all the ice and snow, one cookie became two, and then right before Christmas I started my marathon of sickness that I am still struggling with. Lots of colds and flus and pretty much I didn't even care anymore. I was focusing on getting better, I would be fine for a few days then get hit again. About 3 weeks ago at the doctor's office I weighed and discovered not only had I gained, oh no, I weighed 309 pounds! At the time I didn't even care I was so sick. But as I started feeling better I saw those numbers everywhere I looked 309 309 309!!! So back on the wagon I hopped. I had to do some serious decision making. Was I going to do what I knew to do or was I going to gain it all back and live that hellish life again? No more hell for me thank you very much. I've had my fill.
Back to 1500 calories a day. The walking has had to take a back seat until my health was better. I just haven't been that strong. The most important thing is to just never give up. I never really ever did. Other things were more important. Well now NOTHING is more important than hitting goal of 150 pounds. I can do it. I will do it. And blogging is key so there you go. Long winded answer to a very short simple question!

So keep those emails coming folks. Thanks for the kind and supporting words you all send my way.


  1. I wish you warm, sunny weather soon.

    Glad you weight is going down for you. I'm looking forward to some warm sunshiney walks here in PA.

    Hugs hon,