Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Another Day in the Life

So Bethany is home, all traumatized (actually I am more than she is) by failing the metal detector several times at the airport in New York and having to be searched each time, the last in a private room thankfully. Ended up being the underwire in her bra-! But she's home safely, and got me an I heart New York T shirt in my fav color, purple! XL! She also got me a Hello Kitty puzzle ball! Puzzles are meh but I do love Hello Kitty. Such a sweetie! Having her favorites for dinner, chili dogs, fries and katie's dip. We had her favorites the day she left for New York but she had the stomach flu and didn't get to enjoy them. She is so very happy to be home and we are so very happy to have her back!
I had a lovely morning with my BFF. We went to the library, the pecan store, and the Hallmark store. I splurged and bought a very pretty pill box for my purse. Yes I am officially 100 years old. But seriously I needed it for my stupid blood pressure medicine and Wellbutrin and tylenol that is usually either ground to powder in the bottom of my purse or lost in my change purse.
Rachel came up for dinner and brought donuts from the bakery she works at. I had half of one. I also bought some candy at the pecan store for my secret sister for Easter and I did eat 3 small pieces of english toffee. I am so glad I am giving that away! That is so one of my weaknesses. I was worried that my BFF would want to eat lunch out, she just loves Sonic but I always end up hitting the bathroom all day after eating there and I did NOT want to eat there. But we didn't eat out at all YAY and I was able to come home and eat my very own 300 calorie lunch!!!
So all in all this has been a very boring mundane day with nothing praiseworthy about my eating. I had my normal cereal/juice combo for breakfast, same lunch I always have but man I sure love it. I am so excited with the losses I have had and want to keep that scale going down down down!
Also I started taking Royal Jelly to give me energy but for some reason it makes me tired. Go figure.
Making this short and sweet. Bethany is wanting to show us all the pictures she took and they're waiting for me!!!!
Make wise choices friends. I know I am.


  1. You say there is nothing praiseworthy about your eating, but I disagree. You ate a few pieces of candy, but then you stopped! No binge happened as a result, you didn't decide that you had failed or gone off plan and decided to keep going. You went home and ate a 300 calorie lunch instead of splurging in a restaurant just because you were out and about. All of these things are really healthy and telling, to me. :)

  2. Well, I say you earn some points for avoiding Sonic. And in the future, maybe you can steer BFF away from Sonic instead of just agreeing to eat there for her sake. (not worth not feeling right later in day!) I'm sure she will be gracious about it if she is a true BFF! Which she is.

    Sounds like you are starting to feel better/returning to the world of the living -- yay!

    Happy Easter!