Friday, April 15, 2011

It's the Friday Edition with Much Griping and Complaining and Gnashing of Teeth

So the last week I have not slept much at all, the last 2 nights I have slept a whopping total of 4 hours. I am the walking dead today. Horribly congested, stomach hurts, tired, I'm sure I look how I feel.
Got Bethany dropped off at 3AM, she has the stomach flu too, but I had everybody's brother praying for her and she called from Chicago at 8:30 to say she wasn't throwing up anymore just all achy and was hungry! Well yay for that! So her trip is doing much better, she will call when she hits New York. She better take a ton of pictures.
So I haven't eaten much in the last few days, and when we arrived at the meeting house this morning my friend Kim had biscuits and gravy and eggs and juice and I ate an egg and half a biscuit with gravy. I kind of could taste it. But I was hungry so I ate. At 3 in the morning?!
When I'm sick like this I tend to gravitate to
1. easily made things constituting minimal effort on my part
2. stuff that can be grabbed and eaten as is like crackers which are so high in calories it's incredible!
3. chicken noodle soup
4. orange juice
5. chocolate milk which normally tastes good but right now tastes sour
6. stuff that somebody else made
Of course I am heading back to bed in a few minutes and hopefully will sleep all day. But then there is dinner to think about for my family, and I think I will make pancakes and sausage. Or waffles and sausage. Those are mindless foods that take no major thinking and the fam likes breakfast for dinner every once in a bit.
See I wish that preparing food wasn't like the most important part of my life. Being a stay at home Mom/housewife I spend the majority of my time planning, cooking, and cleaning up food. I think about it a lot. What am I having for dinner tonight, tomorrow, do I have enough milk for breakfast, does my husband/son/daughter need anything made for their brown bag lunches, making out menu plans for 1 week/2 weeks if I'm clever. I can just never escape food. It's a good thing that I figured out early on food is not the enemy, I am. Otherwise I would be freaking out all the time.
I am so thankful God made all the varieties of food He did instead of us eating, say, a gray paste every meal. I do love to eat, and this journey I am on has taught me so much. Like eating slowly, savoring each bite, trying to stay away from the mindless eating while watching tv or reading (unless it's popcorn, I try to have enough calories at night so I can eat an entire bag of popcorn without guilt if that's what I want) and I limit my 'liquid calories' such as pop milk and juice. And I've done well; it's the horrid illnesses that are knocking me around! My BFF told me that my immune system appears to be shot. Well hmmm okay so how do I fix that?! I have no idea.
Also I am supposed to go with my BFF and her Sunday School class to a Spring Fling thing at church camp tomorrow and be there ALL DAY. Out in the outside. Where it's all wet and damp and muddy, everywhere you sit will be wet and here I feel so gross. I can't wimp out because she's sick herself but is still going so there you have it.
And hubby is home today. He has this stomach bug now too, but the big difference is he can SLEEP when he is sick, which he did right when he got home through this morning. I HATE THAT. Why can't I sleep it's so not fair.
So walking has been a wash out right now, which is kind of funny seeing as we had much rain last night. I just don't have the energy or the desire to take a walk.
I got this email from a woman who wanted to 'ask me some questions' and 'would I get back to her'. I pulled up her website and it's all these weight loss products for sale! Well I think I know what she wants, maybe? Like I promote her website on mine or something. Forget it sister. I promote NOTHING that people have to buy to lose weight when it's so easy to do it on your own and it's FREE. And here I had typed up a friendly response with a cheery 'sure how can I help'. DELETE.
Make wise choices today.


  1. I got one of those :) I told her no I cant put your product on my blog because I have never tried it. duhhhh I am not gunna link something I have never tried.

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