Thursday, September 2, 2010

I'm Back Baby!

Sorry about the absence everyone. I needed to take a break from my blog for a bit. Everything started going crazy in May with my daughter's graduation and I was feeling so guilty about posting that I decided to take a hiatus, which I didn't intend to have last 3 months!
Much has and hasn't happened in that time.
Bekah graduated, then she and Bethany spent the majority of the summer being counsellors at a camp for people with disabilities. I only saw them for 2 weeks. Then Bekah went to college, and Rachel moved out to her own apartment! I only have 5 kids living with me! The other night I set the table for 4 people!!!
So now school is back up and things are back in their groove. I'm walking every morning now, starting with going the 4 blocks with Mary then heading out from there. I love my ipod. Today was an Alan Parson's Day!!! I tried to match my steps to the songs but it didn't work half of the time.
I am so used to my new size, everything is so different from before, I feel like I am a completely new person. And I haven't even lost 100 pounds yet! My marriage is changed, I am changed, and I don't even know how that happened.

Stuff I never get tired of:
Looks I get from men. They even talk to me now.
Buying shirts from the normal part of the store--XL!!!!!!
People seeing me after many months and freaking out. No other word to describe it. Very gratifying! I guess I must have looked as horrible as I felt pre-weightloss everyone is so thrilled for me. And they all say the same thing: DON'T STOP! I won't, I'm not, that's nice and all but for some reason I hate hearing that.

Stuff that I hate:
getting up in the morning and taking a walk. Yes I should be all gungho and loving it whatever but it's hard for me right now
people who never even gave me the time of day when I was fat who are soooo friendly and nice now. What two faces!
My stomach is still so big. The rest of me is shrinking faster than my stomach and I have to wear bigger size pants because of my waist and the legs are all baggy! Ridiculous!

So the best part of the summer happened because of my grandparent's deaths last year. I received a small inheritance and bought a dishwasher, fridge, and front loading washer and dryer!!! My whole life has been made into a dream! Fridge has french doors, the dishwasher is so silent and has 3 arms in it for washing, bottom middle and top, and I love it! My dryer is now done before my wash is! And we have a new kitchen floor, looks like black marble, and all the appliances are black, it looks soooo snazzy. Even my trash can is black. I have, for the first time in my entire life, an icemaker, and fresh filtered water at the touch of a button. I AM SO SPOILED ITS UNBELIEVABLE!!!
So the tragedy of the summer is I gained 10 pounds but I'm just thrilled it wasn't more. Glad to be back on track again, with all the structure school brings to us all. AND now that our family is smaller, I am downsizing!! Yes, I went through ALL the bedding and pitched so much! My linen closet looks like one in a magazine now. It was so hard to find anything in there, and the kids were always knocking stuff off the shelves and not putting it back, ugh! Not anymore! I also went through EVERY SINGLE CABINET in my kitchen and got rid of so much! I had over 30 plates! Why?! I kept the blue and white ones that my Mother (miss you Mom) gave me, I also got rid of about FIFTEEN coffee mugs, boxed up all kinds of kitchen utensils that I didn't like/use--I now have an empty drawer in my kitchen! An unprecedented event! I also have created a cooking center with all my measuring cups spices and staples all close together. I feel so clever to have done that!
I also have a new dog. Yes, Meatball has joined our family. What started out as watching a dog for my niece as a favor turned into he's living with us forever. He is a white English bulldog/boxer mix. I LOVE THIS DOG. Yes, you read that right, I actually used the words love and dog in the same sentence. And the best part, is, he loves me too. He has chosen me.
Ezekiel has disappeared, which leaves Amelia Bedelia holding down the fort as the only feline. But she's so anti social. I miss Ninja Cobra.
Been battling my blood pressure all summer, and finally got on the right medicine I guess. Last time my bp was 120/60!!! I whooped when I saw that 60! It was so high all the time, like 145/105 and stuff like that. I was having headaches, even in the middle of the night! For no reason whatsoever! I'm also taking my vitamins faithfully. And the wellbutrin. :-)
Today's Menu:
cocoa crispies with milk and 1 cup of OJ
a burrito made with beans, 1/4 c leftover taco meat and 1 oz cheese and taco bell taco sauce yummmmm
1/2 c lemonade
half tsted cheese sandwich and 1 cup tomato soup
1 ounce chicken in a biscuit crackers which isn't much let me tell you
15 g dark choc chips
1/2 no bake cookie that I made, not even really half
If I even hit 1500 calories today I would be surprised. I love eating all day and still have calories when I go to bed. And I love eating exactly what I want, and not what some thin person who went to college or wrote a book or whatever and is impossibly thin tells me to eat. I don't LIKE cauliflower. I'm not big on fruits/vegetables. I've tried to change how I ate on my previous 'diets', which, as we all know, left me at 356 pounds, that's how poorly I did. How much more fun it is to eat what I want! Bacon and eggs for breakfast? Yay! tostadas for lunch? Yummy! Pringles or fritos or a fudgesicle for a snack? Lead me to it! Just because I'm eating those delicious things doesn't mean I'm eating huge portions. That's what people automatically think when someone has waffles or pizza. I can go to pizza hut and have half a breadstick, 2 pieces of pepperoni pizza and 3 chocolate dippers for 750 calories!
I am losing a toenail! I have never lost a nail in my entire life. I wore a bad fitting pair of shoes one day and could feel it rubbing on my second toe but couldn't do anything about it. I noticed as the weeks went by the end of my toe felt kind of numb, but what can you do? THEN I noticed the toenail was looking funny, all thick and gross like really old people's toenails, and I thought GROSS and was checking it out and you can lift it up on the left side and around! It's still hooked on the right side and it is so weird! I'm terrified I'm going to catch it on something and it'll rip right off!
So yeah, the economy is actually touching our household. My hubby worked less than a week last month. Mmmhmmm. And now George, our car, after we spent $600 to get him fixed is still messed up and is at the shop again. If we didn't have food stamps I'm not sure what we would do. Nice that God is looking after us. I asked Him to sell one of His cows that He keeps on the thousand hills and send me the money. I plan on paying August's house payment when it gets here.
OH I can't believe I forgot this part: when my son was here from New Mexico the entire family went to WORLDS OF FUN (an amusement park) and I fit in the rides and screamed my head off on every ride and couldn't talk for a week! AND me and the kids went swimming at a PUBLIC POOL and I went off the diving board TWICE and went down the huge yellow slide!!! AND at my brother's house on father's day he has a diving board in his swimming pool that I have never gone off of, ever, because I don't want to end up on america's funniest videos or youtube about fat people breaking diving boards. Well, I dived off it!! And it didn't break! AND I can climb up out of the pool using the ladder on the side!
Missed all of you very very much. Looking forward to catching up on you all. Hugs!!!!


  1. So glad you're back!!! Sounds like you had an awesome, fun-filled summer!! :)

  2. I'm not trying to be rude ... however, maybe you should of used some of your inheritance money for groceries instead of using food stamps. You probably needed those things but did you need to get the best of the best. It was probably nice to do something in your grandparents' memory, but maybe feeding your family without depending on others would have made them really happy. Maybe your husband needs to find some more work somewhere.

  3. sounds like you have had a lot of victories!

  4. Twyla, thanks for trying not to be rude. You didn't succeed very well. And thanks, glad to be back too!

  5. GOOD FOR YOU for blessing your family with some "tools" for the house. Ya'll are worth it! I'm believing with you for the cow money to roll in. I"m next in line I think. Thanks for sharing your journey and even though I'm new around here I'm glad you're back and okay.

  6. Yay for all the fun things you did this summer! Nice to have you back :)

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  8. Twyla, perhaps instead of interjecting your opinion when it isn't asked for, you should just be happy for Laura in the things she has received. Doing without those things for so long makes it a blessing when you get them. Her husband works very hard for his family, but when work isn't there, it just isn't there. He is a strong provider and Laura made the right decision in getting these things for her family. I am proud of her and her decisions.

    My family was on food stamps when I was little, and let me tell you, my mother was working hard when we were on it. It's not a simple matter of finding another job (especially in the economy that we're in now).

    I'm proud of you, Laura, and know your family just loves the way the home is looking!

  9. Woo hoo you are back! Glad to hear you merely had a small gain and a busy summer, instead of a different reason for not blogging...

    Happy for your kitchen redo! Aww.

    Impressed by your kitchen organization and purge. Good job, you're motivating me.

    Yahoo on the blood pressure, girl!

    Haha, glad your humor is still around; your mention of God's cattle, and the sale of one made me chuckle. But I can pray right with you for work for your hubby.

    Big wtg on all the summer fun such as fitting in amusement park rides and diving boards! Sooo happy for you, Laura.