Saturday, May 15, 2010

Day 352--It's been a month since I've posted?! It's a good thing I have pictures.

No words to say on why I have been MIA. When I was bigger, my world was so small and was easily encased in the computer. Now, my world is expanding and I seem to be gone a lot, and just plain busy doing other things when I am home. One of those weird things I didn't expect. It's so odd to think that one year ago I was so different, I could be a totally different person. In every aspect of my life, things are different.
Instead of a huge retrospective, I decided to just give you a bunch of pics. Since my one year anniversary is Wednesday, I thought the soul searching would go best then. Without further ado, here is my life in mobile uploads and facebook pics.

My littlest girl Mary broke her foot, and that has been a bit of fun. Here she is at McDonald's after she got her cast on. Looks so pitiful doesn't she? It's waterproof!

Here we have me and a ton of family. I am on the right, third from the front, hidden. I never liked family pics like this.

At my Dad's for his birthday last year. I was so proud of myself, I had lost some weight and felt so confident--until I saw the pics! I so hated when people took random photos that had me in it! I couldn't 'arrange' myself to show off my best side. Well, what I THOUGHT was my best side.

At my Grandmother's funeral last summer. I was so careful what I ate at the church dinner, and so proud of myself. Once again, I carefully hid myself in the back for the pic. My face is so huge!

At my brother's. I looked quite disgusting in a bathing suit, hence the shirt and shorts. Also, I am wearing my glasses so I can keep track of all my kids.

I wore that red sweatshirt so much. It was one of my 'good' shirts, covered my stomach nicely.

Why did I do that with my mouth! I look like I have no teeth!

Sigh. I look so OLD here.

This is one of my other 'good' sweaters. Covered all my middle section nicely.

Ahh, here we go. Probably the most hideous picture I have of me. Looks like someone else.

One of my son's wedding pictures. Didn't buy a new dress. There was NO WAY I was going to get one. I knew nothing would fit. And if I could find one big enough to fit, I still wouldn't look nice. At least I didn't have cankles! One nice thing in a world of pain.

Everyone except for Rachel. She was in South Dakota or something with the Natl. Guard.

And now for something completely different!

Me on Mother's Day, 2010

I am wearing my husband's jacket and posing with my new bike (courtesy of Jack Sh*t) Lulubelle. She is sporting her lovely basket which I made.

Bekah Boo Baby and me, Prom 2010

Mother's Day/Eli's 21st birthday combo party

For some reason I can't move this picture right above. That's me and my nephew and I'm wearing the shirt I got for donating blood. It's the first XL shirt I have worn for over 20 years.

My sister and me at a school function.

I went up this completely narrow set of stairs on a field trip I went on with Mary and her class. It's the first field trip I have ever been on. I would NEVER have even attempted these stairs when I was heavy. When I would have realised the tour guide's intention to take us up them, I would have casually moseyed to the very back of the group and then gone out to talk to the lady at the front desk about all the beautiful pieces of furniture in the front hall that are in such good condition where DID they come from? So purposeful like. Instead, I went up the stairs and did not one time worry about if they would hold me. I also came down them. Just like everyone else. You have no idea how narrow this stairscase is. I also almost knocked a picture off the wall when I was up there. Did you know everything in a museum is old? They should really bolt that stuff to the wall! I was so mortified!

Inside Frank James's cell. I would never have been able to even walk INTO the cell when I was fat. I didn't even have to turn sideways!!!

On the bus. I fit. I fit everything. I fit going down the aisle, I fit sharing a seat, I fit. We had so much fun!

I was kind of scrambling for pics so here you go, me dying my hair.

Aaaaaand last but not least, me this week. I am wearing a LARGE hoodie. A LARGE!!!!

So there you have it. Please tune in for my one year anniversary post on Wednesday, May 19th. I will be revealing my real name, and discussing my life before and after. Probably in more detail than anyone really wants to read. But that post will be for me. Every single day I am blown away by the changes, inward and outward.
Thanks for continuing to read about me and my weight loss journey. Thanks for the encouraging emails I continuously get, they mean more to me than you will ever know.
I have also actually blown through my plateau and weigh 264. I have been toying with a few pounds up and down and ugh it is so frustrating!!!!
Much hugs to you all, fellow weight loss super heroes.
Never give up, never surrender!!!!!!!


  1. This is so inspirational to me. I felt so many emotions going through this. i'm so proud of you and your accomplishment and it gives me hope that i too will achieve my goal.

    Keep it up,, I will be watching!!

  2. We have missed you! What a transformation and what lovely pictures of your family. Lulubelle's basket is soooo cute :-)

  3. I'm so glad you're back. The transformation evident in your pictures is truly remarkable. You deserve every success, Zaa. You actually look like a different person - your face is so bright, clear and present. Beautiful. It's wonderful watching you succeed, and inspirational.

  4. Wow, you have changed so much in a year! Looking forward to your post on Wednesday!

  5. I joined up at about the same time you went MIA. Glad you're back! Anxiously awaiting Wednesday...

  6. What an inspiration you are! Your transformation is amazing and brings tears to my eyes.

  7. Sooo glad you are back!! I had read all the archives, enjoyed them all, got me all caught up and ready to roll, and then. No more posts. She moved or something. hahah So glad to get an update, and an amazing one at that.

    Love the 2010 Mother's Day shot. wow, nice outfit, and I do believe you are sportin' HEELS, girl!! Thinking about the next wedding in the Zaa family is almost unreal. You will probably look as fancy as a bride yourself!!

    Also really like the short stylin hair. Very cute. The pic of you with your sister is lovely. You are both so pretty.

    I agree w/Leslie. You look so bright and cheery, and YOUNG these days.

    I know some of those older photos are hard for you to take, but in a way you might be glad to have them. They sure show your amazing progress. Did you save the red sweater maybe? As evidence? :)

    What a great post. Loved your transformation chronologically preserved in photos. And how super D duper to say that you haven't posted for so long because you well, have a busy & full life now!
    Fondly, Chrissy
    ps - I think I know your real name ;).......and I look fwd to your 1 year milestone and post. YAY for you!!

  8. ya look so skinny!
    Great job.
    I dye my hair too! I'm too young to go grey lol.
    Great pictures. Thank you for sharing.

  9. So glad to hear from you again Zaa! I swear, you really look like a completely different person. Everything is different, even your face. Your smile is so bright and there's such joy and excitement in your eyes. I hope you'll continue to share more pics with us, and I can't wait to read your post on Wednesday! :)

  10. You look absolutely wonderful!! I'm so glad your doing well :)

  11. Wow, what a difference a year can make--thanks for sharing these photos, they're very inspiring. I'm so happy for you!

  12. As your sister, I for one, am the MOST proud of you!! and how come there are NOT more pictures of us together??? HMMMM??

    I love you sooo much!!

    I cannot WAIT until you tell your real name! I am at the edge of my seat to find out who you really are! LOL!
    Your loving sister

  13. You truly have the most beautiful smile. I'm glad you're back. I missed that smile so much.

  14. TRULY AMAZING!!!! Just amazing!! What I think is the most wonderful thing about looking at people's weight loss pictures is just how much more incredibly happier they look in their "after" pictures! You can see pain in the "before" pictures. But the after- Pure Bliss!! Congrats on all your accomplishments! You look fantastic!

  15. Great Job!

    BTW -- I saw a KC Chiefs shirt and an Adrian wrestling shirt. If you are from there, I have friends that work at Adrian Christian Church!

    Even the blogosphere is a small world.

  16. Missing you 'round here. Hoping everything is grand---and somehow, knowing it is...

    My best always Laura,