Sunday, March 28, 2010

Day 327--Promised Pics--before and after, and my new bike courtesy of Jack Sh*t's contest! Oh, and weigh day.

Okay first off I weighed Saturday and I have lost 4 more pounds for a total of 90 pounds lost! Incredible! I just cannot believe this is me doing this.
The promised pics have been uploaded!!!! I snagged my daughter Bekah Boo Baby and had her take a pic of me and my BRAND NEW BIKE THANKS JACK!!! A very smooth ride, AND I have a bell but no basket. Yet. Such a pretty bike! Her name is Lulubelle. But first, for contrast, here are two pics: First one is of me about two years ago. Yes, I'm in the red sweatshirt. And man I look OLD in this pic! My son Eli is the one with the dog in his lap.

Here I am at my son's wedding about 2 years ago. There was no way on earth I was going to buy a new dress for this oh so special occasion because I knew that absolutely nothing anywhere would fit and there was no way on earth I was going to submit myself to that torture. So I am wearing my standard skirt and shirt which were my best at the time. And notice the sandals. Even the largest size pantyhose did not fit me anymore.
In pic: Me, son Ben, my Dad, Danielle, my hubby David.

Aaaaand here I am with my pretty new bike, using the obligatory hands on hips pose. I got the bike yesterday during a lengthy rainstorm. I didn't get to ride it until this afternoon. Took two bike rides today!

Pose Number Two.

And yes, I can really truly actually ride this pretty bike!

So there you have it. Pictures of me and my bike. What an absolutely incredible couple of weeks I have had. Oh and I have had my first experience where my losing weight has made someone else feel super duper bad!
When I started losing in May, there was a woman down the street who had lap band surgery around the same time. We met because we were all walking around the same time in the evening. And of course it was a given that since she had had surgery the weight was just going to fall off of her. I remember thinking how lucky she was. I ran into her a few months ago when I had lost about 70 pounds and she kind of embarrassingly said that she had lost 50. Fifty. But her doctor told her that slow and steady was good. I was freaked then because hey, she had had her body surgically altered to lose weight, there was no reason for her to NOT lose weight. And then yesterday I was up on Main Street in my little town where a building was being demolished. There were a TON of people there watching. It was super cool actually. And I happened to notice a woman taking pics and yep, it was the lap band woman's daughter. I walked over and said 'Hi!' and she pretty much, yeah, freaked out on how I looked. Was actually kind of neat. At first. She asked how much I had lost and I told her 'Ninety pounds' and she freaked again and then she said 'My Mom is around the corner, come say hi' and I innocently asked 'How is she doing?' because if someone has had surgery to lose weight it is pretty much a given that the weight is going to just drop off. And she acted all hesitant and told me her mom's weight loss had stalled and the doctor said 1 -2 pounds a month was good, slow and steady was the way to go. And I suddenly did not want to go talk to her mother. Because I knew that my weight loss would hit her wrong. This is the first time I have experienced this. But there was no way to graciously NOT talk to her so I found myself reluctantly being led around the building to the Mother. I tried to handle the situation gracefully and graciously, and was very kind and said 'Hi' and 'How are you doing!' and EVERYONE IN THE CAR were just staring and staring at me in this incredulous fashion. The Mother was in the driver's seat and was almost apologizing to me for her weight loss stall and I don't even remember what I said, I just wanted out of that entire situation. She just kept looking at me like I was an alien or I had something on my face. What could I say? What could I do? Absolutely nothing. I had no reassuring words for this woman. She wasn't looking for anything from me. She did not ask me what my secret was. I know what I would be thinking. Here she has the surgery to physically alter her body because she could not lose weight any other way--and she STILL couldn't lose weight! I bet she thinks now that she is just destined to be overweight, that she is just one of those people who can't lose no matter what. I would if it was me. How simply horrible this whole situation is! I am cringing inside!
Oh and yesterday I ran from Main street to my own home to tell everyone to come watch the demolition and it was easy! It wasn't hard at all! I couldn't believe it! I think I might be ready to start the couch to 5K program. I think!
The big news? In September my son and his wife will be moving to Japan. He is being stationed there for 3 years. I am expecting really cool presents from them!
My daughter wants to ride her bike to school tomorrow so I can ride my bike to pick her up and no way nuh uh, I am still so very very new at this, turning corners is still this major freak out moment, NO WAY do I want all those people to see me possibly beef it on my bike! I hope she forgets.
That's about it for today. Glad I'm almost over my sickness. I am enjoying leaving the life of the mouth breather behind! Everyone be good and weigh and measure your food. It works for me!


  1. OMG....really really wonderful! Stunning transformation. What a great post. I am smiling from ear to ear! And....that bike is AWESOME. Jack.....what a guy......kisses to Jack for being so cool.

    I love that color green on you! And LOVE the action shot riding the bike. Have a wonderful week and enjoy that bike!

  2. You look absolutely amazing! So much younger - and SO MUCH HAPPIER!!! You deserve to feel great about such an amazing transformation and maybe you'll have inspired your neighbour as well. Enjoy the bike, I'm sure you'll be riding to school to pick up your daughter in no time

  3. You look fabulous.
    I just started reading your blog not long ago.
    But I love your great attitude.
    lol though.
    It isn't your fault you are losing the weight.
    You can eat around the lap band.
    You can eat around a stomach stapling.
    Seeing you might just have been the medicine she needed.
    blessings to you for having such a huge heart of compassion for her though.
    It's funny how you can go from being the fat one to the person everyone feels they need to explain themselves to.
    I was taking a walk and a woman who had gone with me to the gym pulled around in her truck and stopped to talk. She had been wanting to lose weight for a while (so she said anyways)
    She isn't big in the least...Maybe 20 lbs or so to lose...but she pulls up and in the front seat is dominoes pizza.
    She starts going, "I had a busy day..."
    suddenly I am the pope of dieting and there is the confessional.
    I just said "Dominoes is tasty'.
    Then she starts on about how tasty it is...
    It is up to each person.
    Your progress is inspiring and I say this with no bs...
    You look 20 years younger.
    You look happy.
    That is a beautiful bike and Jack absolutely picked the right person.

  4. WoW Zaa, you look AmazinG!! You have lost years as wekk as pounds. You look so young!!

    What a lovely lady you are, your compassion shines.

    I am just catching up on blogs after a pretty traumatic month, only to see you haver had a rough time too. I hope everything is returning to an even keel now.

    Great bike, Fab Foto's, you are such an inspiration, thank you.

  5. Wow, just wow. you look great. you've done great. be proud of what you achieved. not only do you look at least ten years younger, but also you look a lot happier!
    I just love reading these inspiring posts in the morning.
    i think some of the people with a lap band surgery don't realize that it's not the only solution, that its not as easy as it sounds. they can maybe eat less, but changing one's behaviour is the hard part an needs steady adjustment and a lot of strenth.
    strenth i didn't have for ages. so i feel for her.

  6. Your transformation is remarkable my friend, absolutely incredible. I'm so proud and happy for you! That bike looks awesome!!! I so want one too!!!
    A little awkward there with your neighbor, I understand. The mental differences make all the difference doesn't it? It took you looking at this from a different perspective, a simpler understanding of what was needed to do it...and look at you now!!!! Maybe she'll come around and see---or not. You can only hope. But don't ever feel bad about your success. If she can break through any jealousy that may exist---and break through her pride, maybe she'll ask you to sit down and talk one day soon. If she does, she'll be amazed at how uncomplicated it really can be.

    Congrats on the 4 pounds!!! That's very cool! You my friend are on your way--all the way. Your transformation garners "wow" reactions now---Just wait---the best is yet to come! You're looking fabulous!!!!!!

    My best always

  7. You are utterly amazing. And you look fantastic! What an unbelievable transformation. Chris is right - there is a reason someone who had surgery doesn't lose weight. I hope you are as much of an inspiration to her as you are to me. And your sheer joy about the process is incredible. You make me want to be a better loser!!

  8. Had to comment again and agree with Sheilagh---You my friend look so much younger!!!!

    isn't it amazing??


  9. Oh my goodness! You look AMAZING!!!!! Congrats to you! You are an absolute inspiration. I LOVE the bike, too :)

  10. With this post, you make me want to be a better person. Absolutely incredible.

  11. This is a very inspiring post. I love how upbeat you are. Like Helen, you make me want to do better!

  12. Wow i am speechless!! Your transformation is incredible.
    Hubs was looking over my shoulder and said that's a very nice bike (he loves biking)he also said to tell you how amazing you are for sticking to what you know works for you :) Ditto from me!
    You continue to inspire me daily

  13. I just found you from Leslie's blog and I'm going to go back and read your whole blog. I was just forced by a doctor to go see a bariatric surgeon and I just can't do it. Success stories like you are the reason I can't. Congrats you are AMAZING!!

  14. You look so beautiful and so happy and yes, many, many years younger. I can feel the joy radiating out of you. Thanks for the good feelings you give me!

  15. A bicycle? I thought you were gonna get a motorcycle! I want my money back!

    J/k... this post made me grin from ear to ear, Z. Some kinda awesome.

  16. I really hope that that woman can remember that the weight loss journey is a personal one and that there is no point in comparing your progress with someone else's. There are some bloggers here who have lost their weight really quickly - 266 comes to mind - and I might be tempted to be jealous and take wrath out on myself but I just can't muster up the enthusiasm for that because I'm too involved in my own unique journey. She needs to just focus on her own journey. That said - If I spent money on body invasion and doctor visits - I would definitely want to see results. Seriously, I don't know about lap band surgery. You're looking great, congratulations.

  17. Oh HOLY CRAP ZAA!!! LOOK AT YOUR GORGEOUS SELF!! So young and vibrant, so eternally happy and's like 2 different people in those photos. I am just blown away. Really. I am dying!! lol You know we started our journeys within a couple of weeks of each other right??? Oh I suck so bad, lol. And I'm not trying to be like that other woman and apologize to you because I'm fat, lol. I'm actually feeling VERY inspired. I hope you don't mind me mentioning your photos on my blog, because I would LOVE to post about your amazing, beautiful, inspirational progress!!!

  18. Just found you from Helen's post today. All I can say is WOW! YOU ARE AMAZING!

    Coolest post ever. Best transformation ever.

    You look gorgeous. Especially on your new bike!


  19. You look phenom Z! I am new to your blog too but I am inspired and in awe of your transformation. I love your new Lulubelle - she is a beauty! Be careful and you will get it down in no time. Thanks for sharing this post!

  20. You look FAB and so much younger!!! Well done!!!

  21. Congratulations on 90 pounds, on the wonderful after pictures, and the bike! I'm just so happy for you I don't know what to say!!

  22. Hey Zaa!!! Hop on over to my blog and pick up your Easter basket!! :)

  23. I am so glad that I found your blog. I hope that you don't mind if I stalk... Follow!... you. ;)

    Congratulations on hitting the 90 pound mark. Your progress is incredible and very inspirational.

    My heart goes out to the lady who had surgery and has stalled. She must be so frustrated and feeling so hopeless, right now.

  24. Wow, you look so young and energetic with your bike! Congratulations on your fantastic loss (and your win with the bike - sweet!) - what an amazing story!

  25. I've had you on my list of blogs for some time now but have only read here and there. The last few days I've read a lot about you on Sean and Tammy's blogs so I thought I better check you out. I'm truly amazed at the transformation. You look so incredibly young. You must be so proud of yourself. Keep up the good work! Enjoy your bike! I've signed on as a follower, so I will be looking for updates from the blog. I know I'll enjoy them.

  26. Hello, Zaa, I just wanted to let you know I am a new reader. I found your blog through Tammy @ From Fat to Fab when she mentioned your inspiring blog on her own on April 1.

    I came over to yours straightaway, and of course saw your amazing transformation photos! Wow, yay for you girl! I wanted to tell you that I have since started reading your journey from the beginning! I wanted to find out where you have come from, ya know? Since I liked your style and all, and I want to start to follow your blog, I had to know the WHOLE story! Can't have me asking a question that you answered way back, kwim! So, wanted you to know I am 'up to' August 7, 2009! haha And I am enjoying it. I want to get into 'real time' asap! Then I can comment!
    Happy Easter, and all the best to you, Chrissy

  27. Zaa, you look amazing! You definitely look younger but you know what else? You look happier, and full of life. Go, you.

  28. look awesome.....keep up the good work. You look like a different person from the first photo. You look so much younger. Your husband is handsome, too!!

  29. Hey Zaa how are you doing?? Haven't seen a post in a while and just wondered if everything is o.k??

  30. I've been waiting on your next post....everything ok girl??? Let us know! :)

  31. Zaa You look fabulous. I don't always get to read all your blogs, but I keep checking in on you and love to see how well you are doing. Your after photos are simply beautiful! YOU are beautiful! You look so very happy! Congratulations on your success so far.

  32. I just found your blog through a bit of "hopping". I haven't read much of anything, but I just wanted to say your pictures are FABULOUS!

    Good for you!

    Way to go!

    It's awesome, awesome, awesome :)