Friday, January 15, 2010

Day 253--Ice Ice Baby, Weigh Day, and Life in General

I haven't weighed since before Christmas! First because they were closed Christmas Day and New Years Day, and then because I just felt so cruddy from that horrid cold I caught 5 days before Christmas. I am just now feeling better. Almost a whole month of sickness! So glad to not be sucking on Halls Vitamin C drops all the time. The grapefruit ones are my fav. By the way, I have discovered it is disgusting to fall asleep with a cough drop in your mouth. When you wake up the taste is--well, indescribable.
Okay so back to my weighing. I lost 3 more pounds for a total of 75 pounds lost! My doctor told me she was so proud of me. She had a student with her who was to put it bluntly flabbergasted. She couldn't believe I did it 'on my own'. Yep, no South Beach Diet, no Jenny Craig's, just me. And to be honest, I still cannot believe that it actually works. That I can lose weight and still eat the foods I love (that so sounds like a weight loss commercial right there).
I had a lurker delurk long enough to email me about what exactly I ate. (/wave Sandy, now you have to come out of the closet!). So here is what I ate today:
two scrambled eggs cooked in margarine
one toast with margarine
(I pile the eggs on the toast and eat it that way and it is yummmm)
1 cup oj
two tostadas--2 flat shells, beans, taco bell taco sauce which I adore, cheese
1/2 moon pie
1 cup milk
6 sour gummy worms. I love these more than life itself I think.
2 crackers with sharp cheese
20 cashews
1 piece french toast with butter/syrup
1 cup milk
I'll have the other half of the moon pie tonight with more milk.
I eat all day now that I think about. Kind of graze, like a cow. I eat when I'm hungry. Now I do say no to many things. I love the power that flows through me. Food does not control me I control food! But there are times when I savagely tear into my food like a crazed beast. Like this week, my daughter and I were out doing tons of errands and went to McD's and I had a McDouble and fries off the dollar menu and water. Man I was hungry and did that stuff taste good!
That's the best part about my life--I GET TO EAT WHAT EVERYONE ELSE EATS. No more preparing special food for myself that makes it super obvious that there is something wrong with me because I can't eat normal food. I eat meals with my family. I can make cupcakes and cookies and brownies because I know I can have one. No food is off limits, no food is 'bad' or 'good'. For the most part I hate salads. I will eat one occasionally when I'm out to dinner and there's a salad bar. And I despise fish. See this is really important what I'm going to say now:
It's not WHAT you eat.
It's HOW MUCH you eat.
There. Did you like that?
Okay so I walked this week to pick up my daughter but that's the first time I've walked since before Christmas because I was so stinking sick AND there's snow and ice everywhere! I know, incredible! And now the weather is warming up and it melts a little during the day then freezes at night and voila! instant ice! I beefed it yesterday walking my kids to school. My son fell twice, I fell once. I told my husband that until all this horrid ice goes away we are driving them in the morning! Even in the afternoon it's treacherous.
Now for totally sad news. My cat Ninja Cobra is deathly ill. I have no idea what is wrong and neither does the vet which upsets me horribly. And it hit so fast, he was fine Wednesday! So we took him to the vet this morning and I called her this afternoon and she said like 3 times 'he is a very sick cat' and I said 'Every time you say that my heart sinks into my toes' and she said 'I just want you to be prepared' and I said 'Prepared for WHAT!' and SHE said in kind of ominous tones 'he is a very sick cat'. Sigh. I love that cat so very very much. My heart is breaking. I know that sounds so stupid but there you are.
So the kids didn't go back to school until Tuesday of this week because of the ice and snow and I was about to go INSANE.
My daughter Bekah who has Mono is actually going back to school on Monday. She's been home since the beginning of November. We went to the doctor today and after a very thorough checkup they wrote her her doctor's note and it's official. I'm gonna miss her being around all the time. SHE'S going to miss having this lovely princess disease! If you're gonna be sick, mono is the thing to have I tell you. People waiting on you hand and foot, you sleep when you want, wake up when you want, do absolutely NOTHING but rest. Oh, and have a finicky appetite so that when you actually DO want something to eat everyone will go out of their way to get that exactly something. Oh and no more having that teacher come. She started out being nice but now she is not. Go figure.
Let's see. OH I have wrinkles around my eyes. I have always had little laugh lines and now I have official wrinkles. I am now officially old. The only nice thing about being fat is all your wrinkles are filled with fat and you can't see them. But believe you me that's the ONLY nice thing about it!
  • I love all the energy I have
  • I love all the WOW reactions I am getting. It was huge over Christmas! My son was home from the air force so all of HIS friends were here and over and over, every time one would come to the house they would wrap their arms around me when we were hugging and say MOTHER WARD (yes that is really what they call me) YOU LOOK SO GREAT/SKINNY/GOOD! Quite gratifying.
  • I have a cell phone and a debit card! I know I'm the last person on earth to get those 2 things. I love texting! I am quite slow. My phone has a qwerty keyboard which makes it so easy but still. And the debit card! I love not having to have cash for EVERYTHING or write a check. I can pop into Sonic for a chocolate malt with double malt and pay with my debit card. Yes, I KNOW how many calories those have. I have half and save the rest for another time. They're so darn good.
  • the little boy across the street got a kitten for his birthday but she thinks she lives here. We have named her Amelia Bedelia.
  • My son tried to rename Elora Dannan into Ezekiel. Why does he come here and think he can change my cat's name!!!! I know it's a boy cat but still, he is who he is.
  • We have been cleaning out my husband's parents house and dang are we collecting the loot. All of my sister in law's live out of town and they don't want any of it except for the things that are special to them, or what their Mom left specifically to them. There are boxes everywhere. And I mean everywhere. It's hard to absord another household. Oh, that's another thing. They had so much STUFF I mean these people are using things they've had for like 50 years! His Mom had a pin cushion in a bumble bee tuna can! I actually admire that. I can't keep anything. My kids destroy it all.
  • I'm disappointed in this church we're going to. It's 'seeker sensitive'. Those kinds of churches have their place but I just want a plain normal ordinary Bible church where nobody laughs if you use a KJV Bible and Sunday School and youth group and Wednesday night prayer meeting and have it be close to where I live. Is that so hard to ask?
  • Everytime I go up the stairs I run. Because I CAN.
  • I want to try sitting in a lawn chair but I'm scared. I don't have any to practice on! I don't want to have my first time be in front of people and discover that I am STILL too wide for the chair/it collapses under my weight! Because even though I have lost 75 pounds I am still overweight. I mean come on, 271 pounds is still fat. I wonder if I can find one to secretly try out.
  • I tried to hold 3 20 pound bags of potatos in my arms to kind of get an idea of how much I lost but I couldn't do it! Dang that's a lot of weight!
Are you struggling with weight? Do you hate yourself and how you look and everything you wear? You don't have to feel that way anymore. Stop eating right now. Tomorrow morning measure out your food for breakfast. Find a calorie limit to shoot for. Take a walk. Do you like bacon and eggs? ME TOOOOOOOOOOO. Two pieces of regular old fatty bacon is 80 calories. Eggs are incredibly low in calorie, fried in bacon grease they're a little more but who cares? I have 2 bacon, 1 egg and 1 toast with 1 cup of juice OR sometimes I have 4 bacon 2 eggs and skip the toast but NEVER NEVER skip the juice. Do you like waffles? Great! Me too! Have ONE. See how fun this is? Eat exactly what you like and have always liked and really want. But have one. And you'll enjoy your walk. Go to and you'll find it so fun to map where you want to walk in your neighborhood!
So thats it I think. I didn't realise it had been two weeks since I posted last. What can I say? I've just been so sick and the kids were all here and ugh! Love me anyways?
Be good my fellow weight loss superheroes!!!!!


  1. 3 pounds is 3 pounds..esp this past month...that is fantastic! Great job. You sound so happy and was a joy to read your post! :)

  2. You've done great!! Glad to hear you and your family are feeling better :)

  3. What a wonderful, positive positive! Congratulations on the 75 pounds lost - you should be so proud of yourself.

    Yes to texting!! I just recently got a phone that I can text on and I love it too. My teenagers get the biggest kick out of me texting them!