Friday, September 4, 2009

Day 109--Weigh Day and a lunch out

Day 109 and things are still cooking for Zaa. It's raining to beat the band here, so I actually drove the 2 blocks to the clinic to weigh this morning. I seriously don't know why I'm freaked to weigh. I guess I think my body will all of a sudden decide that what I'm doing just doesn't work, because I can hardly believe it myself. So with trepidation I hopped on without much further ado and I have lost 7 more pounds for a total of 48 pounds lost, I weigh 308! I tell you what, I never thought in my whole life that I would ever be happy to weigh 308 pounds. But I am. Soon, soon, I will be below 300 for the first time in 10 years. I think that deserves something special, so I already have planned exactly how I'm going to celebrate that moment.

I am going to get my hair cut and the gray taken out.

This is a very big deal. I never ever get my hair colored. Ever. It's a dark golden color, and when I first started getting gray hairs it looked kind of cool, tigerish. Well now there's too much gray. I looked at myself in my car mirror with the sun shining on my head and heavens to betsy there's a ton of it! And I got a horrible hair cut from a friend who owns a shop several months ago and it has grown out hideously. I keep it in a pony tail. If I let it down it has no shape whatsoever and I hate it. So I am very excited about this!

I am starting to get blown away by my weight loss. It was a difficult journey gaining all that weight and topping out at 356 pounds. I never in a million years thought I would ever lose weight. Ever. I was lost, floundering, struggling, sad. All of the diets I read about looked so strict or difficult and I know myself! I know that inconsistent is my middle name. I can't deny myself stuff! I love chocolate and pizza and mexican food and I love the FULLFAT versions of those. (My husband has forbidden me to ever serve him a fat free hotdog again.) Those diets looked like pure d torture. I toyed with lap band surgery but it helps to have no money to pay for it. I thought I was doomed to continue effortlessly gaining weight until I was hideous. If you had told me a year ago, 6 months ago, that I would be where I am now, I would have laughed you out of the house. How wonderfully easy, and fun, to lose weight this old fashioned way.

My secret you ask?
I would love to tell you my super secret weight loss method! And at no obligation to you!
Are you ready?
Ready to be blown away?
Are you prepared for the simplest, virtually free way to become slim?
I eat exactly what I want and walk everyday.
Now before you get all excited let me clarify. I eat 1500 calories of whatever I want.
Each day.
And I walk.
Each day.
So if I want anything anything anything under the sun, I eat it, but I count the calories towards my total of 1500.
When I started walking I could only go around a couple of blocks. Now I can walk 5 miles a day and have started running during those walks whenever noone is around me and I am on a deserted section of the road. I seriously do not want other people to see my bosom flying up and hitting me in the face while I run.
Are you ready to join me on my journey to health and normality?
You can start today!

Today I am going out to lunch to celebrate a friend's birthday. But first I believe I will make up a crockpot of chili to simmer all afternoon. It's a cold rainy day, perfect!
Yesterday when I walked my daughter to school in the morning, I brought one of my dogs on a leash. Laddie. He doesn't have much experience walking on a leash so it was tough. He pulled so much at first, pretty much choking himself. About halfway home he stopped and did great. And THEN I exchanged him for Sandy. Now Laddie is a sheltie. Sandy is a big yellowish brown dog who is extremely strong. And strongminded. I took her for the other half of my walk and I kept the leash very short. She pulled against it so much but I persevered and by the time we got home the leash was slack pretty much of the time. Or should I say she strained forward, like she was walking ME. They need the exercise too.

***********More Signs that Zaa is losing***********
  • I can step up onto the front porch without using the stairs.
  • I have a waist. A waist!
  • I can see my ear lobes when I look at myself in the mirror. Which I do a lot because I love to see how my face looks different when I smile.
  • When I sit in my daughter's computer chair my fat thighs do not ooze out of the sides. I am completely contained! She is the one who brought that to my attention.
  • When I took my walk 3 days ago this little dog came running out and I was petting him and this tall good lookin guy came off the front porch to stop his dog from bothering me. And he flirted with me. Do you know how long it has been since a member of the opposite sex has even looked at me with interest? I could not believe that was happening to me. Me! I've been floating all week on this. Shhh don't tell my husband. And after only 48 pounds! What will it be like at 148 pounds!
**************That's it***************

Well I'm off to shower and change and look at myself in the mirror. I'm going to have fun today.
Later gators!


  1. Great weight in and what a lot of lovely NSVs too!

    And, isn't the story of the dog straining against the leash similar to us, straining against the diet at the beginning. How much pleasanter is the journey, now we embrace it and live with the constraints. Because of them we are getting freer and freer!

    Keep up the brilliant work and enjoy the attention it is getting you!

  2. Thats Amazing!!! Well Done Zaa you are on a Fabulous Journey that is brilliant to witness.

    Great Stuff


  3. "How wonderfully easy, and fun, to lose weight this old fashioned way." <----- Love this!

    Keep on enjoying your success! You're doing amazingly!

  4. Just found your blog; I LOVE your "Super Secret Weight Loss Method" Simple, to the point and no gimmicks. If your "secret" method spreads our waistlines won't.

  5. How wonderful! When you called me at work to tell me of your weight loss, I was so excited for you! And did I hear correctly? getting your hair colored? what? wow what a great idea!
    your loving sister,

  6. Fantastic read Zaa. I have a hard time expressing how happy and proud I am for you! I wish everyone could see and understand what we do. We're very much alike Zaa, in our taste and our weight loss attitudes of past and present.
    I get chills when I think about where you're headed and what it could do for you. I seriously can't wait to meet you and your family someday.
    You are still coming to my party someday, right?

    My best always

  7. Silly me...great loss! and Get use to the flirting, feels so good to be treated so differently...
    You're entering that zone where NSV's happen left and right---constantly.
    Enjoy the ride!