Wednesday, September 9, 2009

Day 114 in a top secret location

*********Meanwhile, in a much nicer smelling room**********
Zaababy, her violet cape with a fancy Z trailing behind her, dashes into the secret fat cave entrance. She ran up to a woman perched high on a throne and knelt before her.
Diane the Fit: Zaababy, you have returned quickly from your mission. What did you find?
Zaababy: Through many dangers, toils and troubles I made my way to the secret meeting spot that Bonny Bonnie discovered. I flew around and tried to peer into the windows, but they were darkened and sealed tightly. I couldn't even hear anything!
Diane the Fit: Were you able to determine if all were in attendance?
Zaababy: I saw all six of them arrive My Queen.
Pizza Lisa: Will we ever find out what they're up to!!! My eyes are about to fall out of their sockets from reading everything those men are writing.
Daring Dani glanced around the round table that was loaded with yogurt cups, diet soda and air popped popcorn. Super Spunk was passing around all kinds of disgustingly healthy foods that noone had ever seen before.
Dani: Surely there must be some way we can find out their plans! Those fiends can't have all the glory!
Bonny Bonnie: Why do we have to find out what they're up to? It's probably some silly boy thing having to do with passing gas and burping.
Zaababy: You know that those not with us are against us! I just can't believe I failed! I didn't even find out who that TOM is that Pizza Lisa warned me about!
Zaababy slammed her fist into the table, looking rather impressive but not even shaking one drop of Sprite Zero onto the table. Strength training Zaa!
Diane the Fit: Ladies! If the League refuses to team up with us in our sworn battle against Fatty McFatfat, then we have no choice but to go it alone. But my super secret sources have informed me that they are banding together in a fight of their own. Maybe against an enemy more dastardly than Fatty McFatfat!
Gasps fill the cave. Many voices rose together in horror. Then one strong voice rose above the others.
Super Spunk spoke in a firm tone: We must not think that they fight against us or against a different foe. We all fight the same enemy no matter what the name. Who wants an ezekiel tortilla with eggwhites and 30 g of cheese? I have plenty here.
Diane the Fit: Sounds good. Ladies, let's adjourn our meeting and eat this incredibly healthy meal that Suzi Spunk has put together for us. And we will keep working towards our goal of discovering anything, anything at all about the Extraordinary League of Fat Men!
Much talk, laughter and camaraderie ensued. The Superheroes slowly left the Fat Cave in twos and threes, leaping, flying, and running like lightning to their separate homes.
As Zaababy leaped high into the air like a bird, she cried out: Happy Thinness to all, and to all a Basket of Fruit
*******We return you to your regularly scheduled blog********


  1. TOOOOOOO funny! and VERY creative my friend!

  2. Sooooo creative Zaa....I loved every word...I always love it when you make me laugh out loud. :)

  3. Shhh! If the guys knew I was here I would be banished from the league! And if that happens, oh my... I don't want to think about that.
    Listen, uh wait!!! You hear that? Oh man, my mind is playing tricks on me...for a second I thought I heard Jack Sh*t say "What the Blammo do we have here?"
    I just wanted to say that I'm in awe of your super-powers. TOM is powerless against your commitment and consistency. I must bow to your success and honor you.

    I'm risking my membership in the league by saying these things, but like you said...
    We all are on the same road. Ok, maybe you said something to that effect, I wasn't really listening---I'm a guy. But, so true. We're all on this same road together. We can all understand and sincerely appreciate our different challenges along the way.
    We can succeed from two different secret locations, but as one---oh Zaa...if we can some how harness the power from both camps into one giant alliance---we could defeat obesity the world over for all who desire the freedom and are willing to join us!

    For now I will return to the league, but remember...My respect and admiration of you and your superhero friends is immense.

    Oh "Blammo!" I think I hear Jack and Tony coming...

    "So take that Zaa...there..." wink wink.

    whispered: "Zaa, you're the greatest!"

  4. You lot are IDIOTS !!!! ROFL and I mean that in the most endearing way possible heheee

    I am staying tuned...Same time, same channel to see what hapens next

  5. How did i miss this :) I'm laughing so hard i have tears in my eyes!!