Sunday, August 23, 2009

Day 97--Big wow and bigger wow and the biggest wow *sniff*

Here are the wows that I promised you.
**********big wow*********
  • at church today I ran up the stairs, and went down them normally like normal people. It wasn't a hardship and at the time I knew I was doing it but not til afterwards did I see what a big achievement that is for me. I used to dread the stairs at church, because I knew I had to go up and down them like everyone else and pretend it didn't bother me and was in fact killing me. I know I've mentioned stairs before but it just keeps getting easier and it just keeps blowing me away. I just cannot believe how different it is now!
**********bigger wow***********
  • tonight when I was walking with my daughter Bethany I ran four times, twice for the length of an entire block. Me! Really Running! My chest was a heaving and bouncing and I was puffing and blowing but I did it I did it I did it! After the first run I had my fists up in the air and was singing the Rocky theme. Thankfully my daughter loves me and wasn't mortified that I was doing that. She thinks I'm cute. :-)
***********biggest wow**********
  • tonight my nine year old daughter Mary Grace hugged me and told me that her hands touched. For the first time in her life, her hands touched when she hugged me. Okay I seriously had tears in my eyes just typing that. This was the thing today that moved me more than anything to date.
Funny how the big moments come unexpectedly. Today has been filled with big moments. I have a big one coming up too. Wednesday is Day 100. One hundred days since my life took a dramatic turn upwards. I am really looking forward to posting on that day!
I went to visit my sister yesterday and had a wonderful time with her. Thankfully she doesn't mind when I blather on and on about calories and exercise and things that are changing for me because SHE has lost all her weight in the last year too! I asked her about her 'click' moment and I hope you don't mind sister dear that I share it with the entire world.

Last summer my sister was a counsellor at their church camp and the first day fell off of a sidewalk and hurt herself. She was pretty much laid up the entire week. She was mortified. A lightbulb went off in her head (her click) and that was it for her. She began eating the way she knew she should that very week and has never looked back. Today she wears a size 12 and is beautiful, trim, healthy looking. She has never weighed herself and to this day does not know how much she weighs. She eats between 1000 and 1200 calories a day. Shamefully her success pointed out my own hideous weight and I never said one word to her about this most exciting event in her life. I was horribly jealous but felt I could never ever lose weight, I was trapped, doomed, etc. I have told her many times how sorry I am that I felt that way and sweetly she said she understood. So in front of this cloud of witnesses I want to say that I am very proud of you, dear sister. You are incredible and I am so glad that you made the decision to lose weight. We are going to be beautiful together!

Today after church I came home and made a can of tuna (120 cal)with 2 T of miracle whip (80 cal). I ate half (100 cal) on a piece of toast (70 cal) and weighed an ounce of chili cheese fritos (160 cal) and it was yumalicious. Tonight we had chicken pot pies (370 cal) and it was so good!
I also had the other half of the tuna with 16 wheat thins and it was weird together but still yummy and then I had a fudgesicle. I just love eating this way. Exactly what I please, but portioned out. And I just keep losing and losing! I tell people that 1500 calories is really a lot of food but they never believe me. I even have calories left over for a tostada tonight before I hit the hay. This is the life! And the best part is the kids are back in school and my days are my own again yippy!!!!!!!!!!!!!
Have a lovely evening dear friends. Never give up, never surrender!


  1. One more "wow". This post made me say "wow" to myself. Very well done. 100 days down, forever to go...

  2. Incredible! It made me cry too. I want my babies arms to reach around me. You are doing great! Keep it up!

  3. Lots of wonderful things are happening - enjoy those wow moments!

    And well done to your sister!

  4. Those are great wow moments. The one about your daughter's arms touching was just the sweetest thing ever.

    Keep going you're doing great!

  5. Zaa, you are just amazing. I am totally inspired when I read your blog. You make it seem so easy! And exciting! And attainable!

    I am struggling lately because I have been working so hard and the scale is not budging, has never budged, though I know my clothes are looser. Kind of makes it feel like all the effort is not really going anywhere, just going in circles. But you help me to remember to stay calm and keep at it, that it will come. Your sister's story is so wonderful. Way to go, sistahs!! :D

  6. Zaababy...
    WOW is right!! cheers to you 100 days amazing!! you are a wonderful inspiration and I always feel good when I leave here...Thank you for sharing!!

  7. Yay!!! Those little victories are where you know your sacrifices are really worth it!

    I know exactly what you mean about how surprising it is to get so much food for the calories. I'm going to be upping mine from 1200 to 1500, now that I'm running, and it's hard to pack all that down, once your appetite and expectations have adjusted. And it's amazing how much MORE food you get when you make healthy choices instead of fast-food and junk-food choices.

    Keep up the good work!

  8. I can't tell you how much emotion welled up inside of me when I read your words about the hug. What a powerful hug, one that sends positive chills around the world. Zaa--- You're amazing my friend. Just amazing.

    My best always

  9. Oh goodness made me cry about your little girl hugging you and her sweet little precious hands touching! Thank you for sharing something so special with all of us.

    Congrats on that 5 lb loss you had, and on the 100 day mark of making the decision to change your life for good. So, so happy for you, and so inspired by you with each post that I read. I'm glad I found you. :)

  10. I laughed...I cried...another great post :)