Friday, August 7, 2009

Day 81--Weigh Day, Ninja Cobra, and a most exciting interview

Day 81 wow! Today is weigh day so I grabbed my daughter and we headed to the clinic. And tell me why do I always feel like I'm headed to the gallows on weigh day? Jumped on the scale and I am down 9 more pounds for a total of 36 pounds lost! When I saw that 320 I about fainted I really did I could not believe it! And my blood pressure was 140/80 which I am pleased with. I have never had a problem with it which is surprising with how much I weigh but since I'm there I have them check it anyways.
Still walking everyday and keeping below the 1500 calories.
Picked up poor Ninja Cobra (my cat) at the vet. He was seriously surprised to see me! I guess he thought I had deserted him. They lanced his abcess in several places and it is quite grody to look at. He licks it all the time and is sleeping a great deal too. I have 2 medicines to give him but they're no biggee, he's a big baby for me. And I will not let him outside even though he super wants to. I think with open wounds he should stay in! He sleeps on my bed so I put a towel on it--I don't want him oozing on my white spread--and he actually lays on it!
So I'm starting to not be so freaked out about cooking and eating regular foods. I'm learning that I can make and enjoy things with the smaller portions. I've always been afraid I would turn into some huge pig when faced with something luscious, that I wouldn't be able to control myself. Never letting myself get too hungry is the key. I've noticed that if I'm super hungry that's when I want to eat and eat and eat. You'd think I'd have known this but there is this fear inside that something will happen, I don't know what, that will make me quit this, be a failure, gain everything back like I always do.
I was walking by myself two nights ago, which is dangerous since I'm my own worst enemy. And I was mulling over how slow my weight loss has been and how frustrating it is. And out of nowhere comes this thought 'I'm just going to quit!' Now where in the world did that come from! I don't want to quit losing weight, go back to the way I was before. The discouragement and despair and hatred of myself. As I thought about that I made a fresh new commitment. I am going to keep on because I have no other choice. It's either this or the way I was before May 19th and I CHOOSE THIS.
Last night I made pizza stromboli at my nephew's special request. And I had 2 small pieces and it was good and it was enough. They left afterwards *sniff* I sure like them. The house is a lot quieter without them here! Boy were the kids upset when I told them it was bedtime and they had to sleep UPSTAIRS IN THEIR BEDS. This party-sleepover-stayuplate crud is oh vee ee ar.
Today starts the tax free weekend for school supplies. I need to head up there before everyone and their brother is at walmart buying stuff. I wish I could buy a good gaming computer right now since those are tax free too!
I tried to blog everyday but I have nothing to say thats different. Each day is the same ole same ole:
  • it's hot
  • I walked
  • I ate less than 1500 calories
  • my kids are driving me insane
  • my laundry has a life of its own and is out of control
  • my foot hurts
  • I hate socks
Oh well there is one thing different. My husband was home yesterday and today. Kind of throws a wrench in the works. He's a painter and is between jobs at the moment.

We interrupt this fascinating blog to bring you a most exciting story! This interviewer had a bit of a time tracking down the Incredible Shrinking Woman, but in the end, was successful. Here is an exerpt of our time together:
Reporter: The word on the streets is you have joined an elite Fat Fighting Supergroup. Care to elaborate?
Zaababy: Yes, it is true. I am now a member of Weight Loss Superheroes. We are dedicated to fighting flab and the insane diet methods many are tormented by.
Reporter: Does your group have a leader?
Zaababy: Yes. I can't reveal his Flab Fighting name, but I will tell you that his secret identity is a DJ in a radio station. And I can't tell you more than that!
Reporter: This is the first I've heard of you guys. How did you all become Superheroes?
Zaababy: It's a lot easier than one might think. We all just made the decision to lose weight using sensible methods--portion control and exercise--and convert everyone we know to throw away the chains of 'diets' and be Flab Free.
Reporter: So you mean I can be a Weight Loss Superhero too??
Zaababy: Yes, anyone can join our Supergroup.
Reporter: Well now, this has given me much to think about. Any last words?
Zaababy: If I can do it, so can you!
As this interviewer watched, Zaababy leaped and ran away to help out in a Lard Losing emergency. And as she left, she called back, 'Fat, fat, away!' What an incredible interview with an incredible woman!

And thats it for today folks. Make wise choices!


  1. What a fabulous post!!! Congrats to you Zaa on losing the 9 lbs....that is a true testament to the consistent hard work that you've been putting into the weight loss. I'm just so proud of you!!!

    I LOVE the newsflash!! I'm so glad to be a part of the Weight Loss Superheroes group...and what an AWESOME leader we have!!

  2. Fat, fat away! I love it!

    Congrats on the super-duper loss.

  3. I hope I am able to join you soon in eating delicious regular foods. I am still too afraid of myself to do that! And congratulations on the great weigh-in!

  4. Congrats on the weigh in results! You're doing great!!!
    Love the newsflash!!

  5. Congrats on the huge loss this week. That is awesome. Keep up the good work. You're doing fabulous!

  6. Congrats on that terrific loss!!! The newsflash made me laugh! Congrats, you weight-loss superhero!!! =)

  7. You're way too kind! Oh friend, I about spit my green tea! But that wouldn't be "superhero" like now would it!

    You know too much to ever look back. It would be almost impossible to change your brain back.
    I hope you read my Friday night post. It means a lot to me. Maybe it will mean a bunch to you too.

    You're incredibly awesome ZaaBaby! With a big Z on your cape!!

    My best always