Monday, August 3, 2009

Day 77

Man oh man oh man is it hot here today. I am so thankful for air conditioning! And Day 77, doesn't that sound spectacular?!
Yesterday we left the house around 8AM. We had to be a bit early to sunday school because all the musicians practice together early. I had to make sure we had:
  1. all taken showers
  2. taken the dogs out
  3. put the cats out
  4. put all the food in the car we were taking
  5. put all the clothes in the car for changing into after church
  6. and shoes
  7. turned off all the lights
  8. my music
So yes it was tough but we made it! Church was fine and afterwards we headed to my sister's to relax for a while. We headed over to my Dad's around 3. Okay, I love my Dad very much. And I know with my Mom being gone that it's tough to have a family dinner at his house. But I mean come on he didn't even vacuum. We had to put the plates and silverware and cups and stuff on the tables and lay out the food and cook the food and sheesh! He sat and talked with all the other men about the stuff men all talk about which is all incredibly boring. But we all had a very good time nonetheless. I thought I was going to die of starvation since I hadn't eaten since 7:30! I didn't. And man the hotdog and baked beans and devilled egg were so good. I also had a tiny square of these brownies my niece brought that had 2 large toffee and almond symphony bars baked inside. It was a great day for me eatingwise. I love how I can have anything I want. Those few bites of that tiny brownie were so yummy and hit that chocolate spot inside me. We left with more kids than we arrived with. I mean seriously, how does that even happen that people with lots of kids have more foisted upon them? Well, not foisted. I am glad to have my two nephews here for a last hurrah before school starts.
I was so hoping that when my family saw me yesterday they would all swoon and freak out about how different I looked but nobody noticed anything and I thought well they will in a few months so I wasn't upset. I mean, I notice all kinds of differences but I guess when you are huge and you lose 30 pounds well, you're still huge! They were all very encouraging and asked me how much weight I'd lost. Then my sister-in-law kept raving about this caramel apple salad that she made that was zero points on WW and I asked her how many calories and she said she didn't know but I could eat as much of it as I wanted and I said I only eat 1500 calories a day. If I was doing WW I would have been overjoyed but as it was I had a small portion. And yes it was good. She said she would send some of her best recipes from WW. She lost a nice chunk of weight herself several years ago and has kept it off all this time. And might I say how happy I am for my sister who looks lovely and thin and NORMAL. And there I was all blobby and puffy and sweaty. But not for long. Next summer? I will be lovely and thin and normal. Well, as normal as I can be!
It is 100 degrees here. I am so glad that the entire school is now air conditioned. No more early outs because of heat! Speaking of school, it starts 2 weeks from Thursday. Yippy!!! The kids are so bored and blah and driving me completely insane.
My Bekah comes home this weekend. She's been gone most of the summer.
I made a lovely lasagna for dinner. Then I went on a shorter walk than normal but hey, it's so stinkin hot out there. But still, better than nothing. The kids all want me to make some kind of snack and I haven't yet, it's 10 now, and gee I guess they'll just have to live without it. Funny how things are different now. Used to be we always and I mean ALWAYS had some kind of junk sitting around--brownies, cookies, cake, some kind of luscious ice cream dessert, cheesecake, whatever I was in the mood to make. Now? Nothing. I'll be making stuff for special occasions and family get togethers but other than that nope. We do not need it. And we are doing just fine without it. You know, I thought I was making all that junk for them all but really it was for me. Everything was chocolate that could be. Yes, I have a big chocolate tooth!
*********more signs that I'm losing**************
  • I have room between my tummy and the steering wheel. I can put my hand between them!
  • I have extra length in my seat belt!
  • I can see the veins in my feet! I think I wrote about this earlier, but when I noticed that I was so scared! I thought that blood was pooling in my feet, that something was wrong with my circulation or something. My children pointed out that you can see the veins in THEIR feet too. Was too funny.
*****************end of my short list***************
I have to take my cat Ninja Cobra to the vet tomorrow. He has ANOTHER abcess by his tail. That is the 3rd one this month. The vet said she would have to lance it and I said have fun with that I am going to be in the waiting room. I hate hearing them cry don't you? Even though it's for their good they don't understand and its scary. I'll also get to give him an antibiotic and I hope with all my heart it's liquid but it'll probably be pills which I fail in giving to cats. Dogs? Put it in a hotdog or a piece of hamburger and it's gone in a blink but cats? If you have given a pill to a cat then you know what I mean and if you haven't well lets just say it's super fun and I'm being sarcastic.
When a lot of us bloggers start up, it's freeing because we don't think anyone is reading what we write. Then we slowly start to get a following. And then you find out that not only are they reading everyday they are going BACK TO THE VERY BEGINNING OF THE POSTS and reading them ALL. Talk about freaking me out.
  1. I never ever thought that anybody would think what I was writing was interesting enough to read even one time
  2. I am a little fish in a big pond. I didn't think anyone would even find my blog.
  3. When I wrote, it was kind of to myself. Now? I have to block out the fact that others are reading. Otherwise it would be so stilted and odd.
  4. Not only are people reading, they are leaving comments! And such nice supportive encouraging comments they are!
  5. I even had someone say I was an inspiration. Me. My decision to lose weight and start blogging about it seems to be a common thing, how can this even be.
Oh and all that stuff I said about my husband I take back. He apologized and everything and I wouldn't accept it because I was so stupidly mad and I prolonged the agony by a whole nother day. Sometimes I am just too stupid for words. So I ate crow yesterday and now things are back to where they were before. I am an incredibly dramatic person and my poor husband has to put up with that.
So there you have it. Day 77 has come and gone and I'm ready for tomorrow. I think I'll have bacon and eggs and juice for breakfast, I haven't had that for a while.
Thanks for being kind to me. Make wise choices!!!!!!!


  1. I think that's where i used to get in trouble thinking certain things were free. Now like you i count everything it definitely helps put things into perspective.

  2. You are an inspiration, I love your blog, it is so honest and human. The fact you are coping with caring for and feeding a large family as well as finding time to care for yourself. I have it easy as there is just the two of us:0)

    I find that family do not comment when we losing weight, they so take for granted that we are fat and don't see us. You know that invisiblity syndrome in the supermarket or a department store, when you are waiting to be served. The fat makes us invisible and we are totally ingnored? Families tend to do that but not in such a pointed way.

    Just wait, when you turn up at a family occassion with a new outfit a couple of sizes smaller...then they will notice and it will be fabulous.



  3. I have lost nearly 50 and some people just either haven't noticed or don't comment and then there are many that are, like, WOW. Soon they will notice.

    It is great that you are seeing those changes yourself, I LOVE those. I remember you saying about the veins in your feet in an earlier post and it made me laugh,then the same thing happened to me, lol!

    Keep up the great work - you are doing so well.

  4. I'm sure they are noticing but just are not sure what to say just yet.
    I totally understand what you mean about freaking out a bit with the knowledge that people are reading, and leaving comments. I LOVE, LOVE the comments on my blog, they make my day. However, I also do that little mental block thing when I write.

    I remember when I first noticed the extra space between me and the steering wheel. I was so excited. And then, when there was enough room between my thighs to place my bottle of water between my thighs while I was driving? Color me excited!!
    And I'm so excited for you! It's a great feeling isn't it? Keep up the good work!!

  5. Zaa....wonderful post. You do inspire me...all the time. :) I have to admit that I have monitored what I write in my blog somewhat...when something happens in my family that really pisses me off...I keep it to parents read every morning and I just don't even want to go down that road, lol.

  6. Wow, you're busy, girl! This was a great post. I love your short list - they are true signs that you are getting thinner!
    And you ARE an inspiration! Your blog is fun to read!

  7. The inspiration you're spreading will continue to grow my friend. This is only the beginning! You have a wonderful story and an amazing transformation to share with the world. Don't be shy, because you're not only changing your life---you're sharing is potentially changing the lives of countless others.
    The seatbelt thing and the extra room behind the steering wheel---that's big stuff my friend, seriously. It'll just keep getting better and better!!

    My best always---It's an honor to follow your success and watch your transformation from the beginning!

    You are a true inspiration,