Thursday, July 2, 2009

Post #6--Adventure in the Supermarket

Saturday, May 30, 2009

Today I was at the store picking up a few items for my daughter's going away dinner tonight, and decided to check out nutritional info on different things. Let me say that I am SO NOT EXAGGERATING--I haven't looked at the side panel of anything I've eaten for YEARS. And it was very eye opening, to say the least.
Some things were crazy low in calories, others shockingly high.
orange dreamsicle bars (which I adore) 70 calories for one
Kettle corn--30 calories for ONE CUP cooked
Red Baron Pizza--360 calories for 2 pieces
all the chips were way high, as was pop, candy, cookies, and ice cream, even the fat free kinds! I was quite surprised, I thought fat free stuff was lower in calories but nope, not at all.
AND I went to some fast food sites and found out that my regular #2 at McD's is 1390 calories! Yes, that 1/4 lb cheeseburger, fries and large drink is almost as many calories as I am eating right now. I read that and sat there in shock.
Tomorrow my daughter is heading to a camp in the Ozarks for mentally and physically disabled children and adults to be a counselor, so I made her favorite meal: tuna casserole, monkey bread, herbed rice and hawaiian rolls. The casserole was a toughie to figure calories but I just added up everything I put in and divided. Is that how you're supposed to do it?
And the monkey bread! I have to find a different way to make this because the way I normally do it (and did tonight) is sickening!
Frozen dinner rolls (100 cal each) cut in half, dipped in margarine, then rolled in a mixture of brown sugar, cinnamon, and dry cook and serve butterscotch pudding, layered with pecans. THEN I pour over the top whatever is left of the butter and sugar mixture. I estimate that the entire pan was oh, say, a good 50,000 calories right there. I had ONE piece, which was half a roll, so I roughly estimated that ONE PIECE to be 200 calories. I mean DANG. When I think about how much I used to eat of that! I also had one serving of the casserole out of 8 in the pan. I still have 500 calories left for the day, and I just might have kettle corn. The entire bag of kettle corn is 270 calories, can you believe that! I could eat the entire bag if I wanted to!
I am so enjoying the control I have with the counting calories. I have tried so many times to lose weight using the Weigh Down method (which I know does work for folks, I am so not putting down anyone for using that method) but it does not work for me. I am literally starving. Do you know, today, I was actually hungry when I woke up? That never happens. On the WD diet I eat once a day, usually in the middle of the afternoon! I am so glad I am not doing that anymore!
It's like I have 1500 dollars today, and I can spend them any way I want, but when it's gone, it's gone. I LOVE THIS.
I don't know if anyone is even reading my posts, but if you are, I hope you have a great day, and remember: never give up, never surrender!

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