Thursday, July 2, 2009

Post #23--It's hot and sweaty--yay for air conditioning!

Thursday, June 18, 2009

Ugh I hate Missouri summers, all the humidity. When I go outside, I feel like someone is putting a hot, wet blanket around me. At least when I come back from my walk that first step into the house is just HEAVEN. That and ice cold water mmmm-MMM!
So did the 2.5 mile walk thing with my BFF, and have 300 calories left for the day. I love having several low calorie snack options in the house. Do I have a fudgesicle for 90 calories? Or possibly a few cups of cheese popcorn? maybe an ounce of Ghiradelli chocolate chips oh those are so dark and yummy, they really hit the need inside.
Today was just one of those lazy days where the only thing interrupting was a trip to walmart, the library and the grocery store. I even got away with taking one kid with me.
Tomorrow, on the other hand, is a different day altogether. It's one of my children's birthdays and this is her birthday dinner that she requested:
chili cheese hot dogs
french fries (deep fried, of course)
rice a roni
katie's dip (a brick of cream cheese melted with a can of no bean chili, I am making a triple batch because of the amount of people who will be here, serve hot with tortilla chips, and might I say yum)
tollhouse pie with walnuts and real whipped cream
You look at that menu and you say 'Zaa, that food is insane.' And I will agree with you. So I'm going to go into the day very very prepared. I have 1500 calories to spend, and I will spend them wisely. I would like to add that I am a jammin cook. Everything always turns out yumalicious.
I believe I'll eat a very late small breakfast and save my calories for the evening. I am going to put a ZILLION walnuts in those pies because I am not fond of them, and if they're in the pie I will not eat one piece.
Rice? Meh.
It's the chili dogs and FRENCH FRIES WITH KETCHUP that I adore. So that's what I'm going to be focusing my calories on. Boring boring I know.
Saturday morning is my Grandmother's funeral. Sunday is Father's Day, and we're all headed up to my brother's then. Big weekend!
Can't believe school starts in 2 months. Doesn't sound that far away now does it? Don't get me wrong, I love my kids but all this day-in-day-out together all the time stuff is for the birds. And everytime I want to go somewhere they ALL want to come with me.
And the food they go through! Mountains of it! I have 8 children: one is home from the airforce for 2 weeks; 1 is gone doing national guard stuff; one is a camp counselor for the ozarks, but she'll be home this weekend; 1 works everyday; the other 4 are here all day and the chips and the cereal and the popsicles and the peanut butter and jelly sandwiches it's just wild! At least everyone checks calories now. Of course, my kids are all lean like their dad and calories mean nothing to them. They just like to announce what huge amount of calories they're inhaling.
Oh and swimsuit shopping with a teenage girl. I believe that sentence needs no further commentary. But everyone needs to do it. At least once.

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