Thursday, July 2, 2009

Post #21--Day 28 and counting

Monday, June 15, 2009

Had my yummy bacon and eggs and juice for breakfast, and since I got up so late had an early supper. I make the best quesadillas on the face of the planet. And mine was 450 calories and I ate the whole freaking thing and man was it good! I am so glad I don't have to deny myself stuff like this. If I was on a strict diet, I would have had salad and a broiled chicken breast and vegetables while everyone else was eating these cheesy melty crisp saucy bits of heaven. How good that I can be full--really full--and not feel guilty.
Books I'm reading:
Tales From the Scales by Erin J. Shea
Thin for LIfe by Anne M. Fletcher
Eating Thin for Life by Anne M. Fletcher
The Amazing Adventures of Dietgirl by Shauna Reid (Absolutely fabulous I love her, probably because we both are starting out at the same weight)
Eat This Not That! by David Zinczenko (There are a couple of these, I'm considering buying them)
What I'm watching on dvd:
Six Feet Under
Okay okay that has nothing to do with losing weight or self image but I love love love this series.
I've been hearing about Zumba so I poked around and put a dvd on hold at the library and found out there are classes 20 miles away. Who knows when/if I will ever feel like looking the fool for a solid hour in front of all kinds of thin cute girls, but at least I looked right?
Sunday is Father's Day and it's also Zaa's Moment She Has Been Dreading For Like Ever. My brother has a pool at his house and has invited us all up to spend the day. Guess who gets to squeeeeeeeeze into a bathing suit at 346 pounds?! Yes, me. I told my kids I didn't want to go swimming and they all said 'No Mom you HAVE to come swimming it won't be FUN if you don't.' I'm so glad they like me even though I'm fat.
You know I don't feel fat. And I don't act fat. In fact, it's always a surprise to see myself in the mirror. Ack who is THAT!
So this has been a great day. Trying to wrap my head around the fact that I am changing my lifestyle and can never go back to the abandoned free for all attitude I have had towards food for ever.
Thanks for all the encouragement you guys are sending me. My sparkmail box always has something in it.
Make wise choices!

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