Thursday, July 2, 2009

Post #18--Day 26

Saturday, June 13, 2009

I'm going to have to have more interesting titles. Nobody is going to read my blog without one!
Making chili for dinner, and decided that since I love chili cheese fries, I'm going to have it over a baked potato with a slice of cheese. But oh it is so hard to figure out how many servings my chili makes! I have the calorie count for the whole recipe. Argh I have no idea how big/small of a serving of chili to give myself tonight over my potato. I'm tempted to just dart in there and count the cups into a bowl or something. And everything is so high in calories! Even my potato, which I weighed, is 9.7 ounces and I had no idea how many calories, so I searched on the net and this place said every ounce was 26 calories. So my potato alone is almost 250 calories! I have the calories, I have more than 1000 for dinner, but still, incredible how high everything is!
For my entire batch of chili the calories is 4548. So after I measure it all out I'll probably end up only having like 2 teaspoons on my potato. I'm going to have to make some changes in that recipe.
Had a good walk last night.
My son is visiting from New Mexico for 2 weeks, and it's just like he never left. He's an air traffic controller in the air force, and boy am I proud of him. Just 2 years ago he was so different, funny how time changes things.

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