Thursday, July 2, 2009

Post #17--Weigh Day, Victory, and Validation

Friday, June 12, 2009

I've kind of been dreading this day. I was so scared! What if I didn't lose any weight! What if I gained? So today I was kind of scared and put it off til after lunch. I was acting like I was heading to the gallows! I walked to the clinic (joy of a small town) and thankfully no patients were there. I weighed. And I LOST 10 POUNDS! I almost fainted. Then I asked the nurse to take my blood pressure. The last few years it had crept up. I am happy to report it was 130/70. Yes, it was perfectly fine and even after I had walked there! I was hugging myself by then.
Really, it was providential that there were no other people there. I told my doctor about everything I was doing, the 1500 calories, the 2 mile walk, and she said it was the perfect thing to do! That I wasn't depriving myself of anything, I was having pizza, chocolate, ice cream, mexican food, all within my limits and she said good for me!
I'm dancing inside while I'm typing this.
I feel in control of myself for the first time in literally ages.
So with all the ugliness of my life I have this bright ray of sunshine streaming through the dark clouds.
I saved up my calories and have enough for a 100 grand candy bar that is 190 calories and 1 cup of milk. You know what comes before part b? PARTAY!!!!!!!!!

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