Thursday, July 2, 2009

Post #16--Trip to the city--temptation--VICTORY--and I RAN

Thursday, June 11, 2009

So I live in this little town. We have a grocery store, a nice one, but once a week I head 20 miles north to the 'city' to go to WalMart. And ohhhh they have every fast food imaginable. Mickeydee's, taco bell, sonic, kfc. A normal shopping day would include a meal at one of those places. Foot long chili dog, quarter pounder with cheese, baja chicken chalupa, oh the possibilities were endless.
Fast forward to today. I DIDN'T EAT ANYTHING AT ALL. There are people who will shake their heads and say 'what's the big deal? I go out all the time and I'm never tempted to eat whats your problem?'
Well okay I will tell you my problem. I'm fat. I'm morbidly obese. So going out to eat is a humongous amount of calories that I refuse to blow. I've never been able to resist. I would even eat when I knew I would be eating dinner in an hour or so.
I can't believe I didn't do it. I just refused to do it.
And the big news of the day (drumroll please) I RAN. OKay okay let me create the scene for you. Me, at the park, on the path around the lake. Audience? There was none. I thought well this is the time. And I ran. For about 10 seconds. But I RAN. Then I RAN AGAIN. I had 6 little bursts of running in all. I can't believe I did it! Oh, I'm sure I looked the fool, my fat blobby self jiggling and bobbing along. I'm so excited I'm hugging myself! I want to be a runner so bad.
I have 2 little trophies on my mental shelf now.

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