Thursday, July 2, 2009

Post #14--What I am NOT eating on my journey

Sunday, June 07, 2009

1. cottage cheese
2. carrots
3. yogurt
4. gross vegetables that I hate like asparagus and cauliflower
5. rice cakes
6. steamed fish
7. steamed ANYTHING for that matter
Well, then, you might be wondering what I AM eating.
1. lasagna
2. braunsweiger sandwiches
3. bacon and eggs, toast and juice
4. pizza
5. tostadas
6. fudgesicles
7. quesadillas
8. tuna casserole
9. bbq'd chicken
10. baked potatoes
11. salads out the wazzoo
Now, how in the world am I doing this AND staying below 1500 calories you ask?
Portion control. Yes, I have not once gone over my 1500 calories since I started on this journey. And since there are no good foods or bad foods, I eat exactly what I please, as long as I don't go over my calorie limit for the day.
Incredible Zaababy! Oooooh you are so awesome Zaababy! Yes, yes, thank you very much! I wish I had invented this fun and easy way to lose weight, but I know I am not the first person to realize that this is the way to go. Because, see, I have learned the hard way that if you go on a diet, you eventually go OFF the diet and gain back everything you have lost plus more. As if the fat is punishing you for making it go away. I am learning instead to change my lifestyle. I don't eat anything unless I know how many calories it is, so for the time being going out to eat is out of the question. And I have to be prepared. Super prepared. HEY EVERYONE LOOK IT'S SUPER PREPARED ZAAAAAAAA!
And can I say that I am having fun? Fun you say?! PFT! But I am. When I'm hungry I eat. And I eat what I want. BUT IT'S PORTION CONTROLLED. Now let me be specific here: I am NOT eating what I would REALLY like which is a piece of homemade chocolate cake. I COULD have it if I wanted, but do I really want to waste 500 calories or so of my precious allottment? NO WAY HOSEA!
And if I really wanted to splurge I could go to MickeyDee's and get a quarter pounder with cheese and large fry but that is 1000 calories. And always gives me diarrhea, what's with that?
So folks, don't look at losing weight as drudgery. It's fun!
I'm off for my walk with my BFF in this dreadful heat--and I'm bravely wearing shorts in public. EVERYONE MAKE WAY FOR SUPER PREPARED ZAA IN SHORTS!

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