Thursday, July 2, 2009

Post #11--what I love about losing weight--this time

Friday, June 05, 2009

I love being able to eat whatever I want--my limit is 1500 calories. There are no 'good' foods or 'bad' foods, so no guilt whatsoever.
I love saving calories so I can have a snack before bedtime.
I love walking everyday with my BFF.
I love melting. I am melting!
I love feeling in control of what goes in my mouth for the first time in my life.
I love actually being happy. I have been discouraged, depressed, and full of despair for too long.
I love catching a glimpse of myself in a mirror at walmart and--yes--stopping to see how different I look! I normally avoid all mirrors.
I love having my children hug me and they say 'Mommy my arms go around you this far now!' They're my personal cheerleaders, the sweeties.
I love fudgesicles (100 calories)
I love that I can still have bacon and a fried egg for breakfast and its okay!
I love that I don't have to eat yucky stuff that I don't like.
I love the feeling I get from knowing I am actually doing something about my weight and it's working! It's really working!
I love that I found this site.
I love all the helpful tools here, the different trackers, the pure overload of info at the click of a button, the encouragement from you all.
I love lying in bed in the morning and hearing the birds sing and daydreaming about future things like: belts, amusement parks, running, zip up pants, lawn chairs, frisbee, crossing my legs, flirty high heels, feeling cute, pretty lingerie, a robe, having more than one bra at a time, going shopping and having FUN, getting together with friends and having them ooh and ahh over the new me!
Walked almost 2 miles and just had a fudgsicle which puts me about 50 short of my calories so I'm going to call it a night. And I really wish those kids would just finish off that stupid birthay cake, if they don't it's in the trash tomorrow. I'm sick of looking at it!
Make wise choices!

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