Thursday, July 2, 2009

Post #10--Birthday cake and victory

Thursday, June 04, 2009

Today is my daughter's 24th birthday, so of course she has to ask for chocolate cake, my absolute favorite and what I am very good at making. Homemade chocolate frosting is so delish! One bite. I had one bite. And you know, it tasted like every other chocolate cake I've ever made, no different. Very good, but nothing new. And I walked away. I will have no more. I've had enough cake in my life, I don't need or want it. And I didn't even 'taste' the frosting while I was making it, or the batter.
For dinner she wanted smoked sausage, cowboy potatoes, oriental salad and monkey bread. So I had 1 serving of sausage, baked a potato, had one small piece of bread and a salad with--yes, I measured it out!--2 T of fat free Italian dressing. Okay I never do stuff like that, I've always thought that was weird to measure your dressing but I did it. Monkey bread is so yum. I estimated that one small piece to be 200 calories, I'm sure I'm estimating too high but rather high than too low.
I also went to WalMart today, and did not even one time think about hitting sonic, taco bell, or mcdonald's while I was there. THIS NEVER HAPPENS. I love going out to eat. I love foot long chili dogs, and quarter pounders with cheese, and chicken baja chalupas. But not after I went to their websites and found out how many calories they have!!!! I have 1500 precious calories. They are like gold to me. And I am very picky about how I spend them. Of course, I could go to McDonald's and get my old #2. For THIRTEEN HUNDRED NINETY CALORIES. No thanks! Or Sonic, that yummy coney meal. One coney has SIX HUNDRED SIXTY CALORIES. Seriously. Can they make this stuff any worse for us?
Went on my walk with my BFF tonight. We took the same route as last night, and it wasn't as bad. Last night I thought I was going to die. Tonight I didn't. Go figure.
I had a pedometer on and I think there's something wrong with it. It said we walked 2.8 miles. That can't be right! So I'm going to drive it in my car, the route I mean, and see for sure.
Today after I got dressed I looked at myself and I look not quite as round in the middle. Came out and my daughter agreed. Caught a glimpse of myself in a mirror at WalMart and had to stop for a nice big look in that full length mirror. MY BIG FAT TOMATO MIDDLE IS NOT AS ROUND AND OMG I AM SO EXCITED!!! I have been praying for some sign, some small something to show me that what I was doing was working. Because really, after all these years of cramming everything under the sun in my mouth in despair, I feel I have to do something really drastic. I don't think I'm suffering enough. I'm not hungry. I'm not eating stuff I hate (cottage cheese, yogurt, all kinds of weird vegetables) I'm eating what I want and staying below 1500 calories.
I guess I'll find out for sure next Friday, the 12th, when I weigh. Because I only weigh every two weeks, that's the way it's going to be. No way am I going to get into the weigh-myself-everytime-I-turn-around trap. I've been down that road. Minute fluctuations are enough to make me give up.
I did buy a new pair of shoes, 1/2 size smaller than normal. Isn't that weird? Of all parts of my body to get smaller first it's my feet! Hey, I'd rather have a bit of my watermelon breasts gone, or my neck.
The only thing I am having problems with is my feet. They hurt! My legs are a bit sore, nothing painful or worrisome. But my feet--ouch! They hurt even when I'm just sitting here.
The house is quiet, everyone is sleeping. Except for the Mother. Who has to switch her son's work clothes to the dryer. Because a little bit ago he asked me to wash his clothes for him for work tomorrow. Which I would have been joyful to do several hours ago. Why do they always wait til the last minute! He's 20 for pete's sake! Naw, I shouldn't complain. He works very hard for a cable company, laying cable, digging holes, etc. He comes home with dirt in his pockets. We tease him! I made his lunch since he has to get up at 4:30. Doesn't that sound awful? Egg salad sandwich, Braunsweiger sandwich, chips and a piece of chocolate cake. That boy has not one ounce of fat on his body and everything I put in his lunch he will burn off. I am completely out of fresh fruit or I would stick that in too. Oh, and pickles, he loves those.
Now I'm rambling.
Everyone have a lovely night. Make wise choices! emoticon

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  1. You are so inspiring....You are going to this are doing this and you will finish it too....
    As for your feet it could be a number of things..spurs, not strechting or not supportive enough shoes when walking...if it pursits go and see about it ...dont want something that could have been fixed early turn into something that stops your wonderful job