Thursday, July 2, 2009

Entry #2--Vestiges of Weigh Down HOrrors

Thursday, May 28, 2009

Let me start off by saying that in no way do I want to tell anyone else how they should lose weight. This entry is not intended to put down anyone who is losing weight using this program.
Now that thats out of the way.
I feel guilty when I eat. I am actually scared to eat because: I'm eating at the wrong time, eating too much, eating beyond full, eating the wrong things. I will wait and wait and wait all day until I feel truly hungry and then I am literally starving. I proceed to eat for the rest of the day! Anything and everything! Weigh Down has left a bitter taste in my mouth. I actually feel guilty for eating!
Today is the first day that I actually used a nutrition tracker and had breakfast. A real breakfast! Oh, I'm sure it is not the best breakfast out there. But I ate it and I feel so good about myself for the first time in EVER after eating! I know exactly how many calories I ate, and this is such an empowering feeling! Okay I am so done with the exclamation points.
This truly is a journey I am on. I have so far to go, but it doesn't feel like hell anymore.

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  1. I laughed hard at the "ok, I am so done with the exclamation points."
    Because i'm sometimes addicted to them too! I think it's a side effect of losing weight and feeling great!!!!!!!!!