Thursday, July 30, 2009

Day 73--In the kitchen AGAIN--

Day 73. I like how that sounds. Day seventy-three. I like the way that rolls off the tongue.
Did my full walk with my friend last night. And you know, it was easier. For the longest time I would ask 'when is it going to get easier?!' and it never was. Well now it is. Weird. I used to come home and just collapse on the bed for about 20 minutes. Now I collapse for about 5 seconds then I'm good to go.
So she said she had SO MUCH to tell me. She went to a big doodah with a bunch of ladies from her church, it was a new diet they were all panting to try. It's called the Michael Thurmond diet, or the six week body something. They had to take this test to find out if they were body type A, B, C, D, or E. (the letters are also divided into male and female--this is an all inclusive diet). They HAVE to eat every 2 hours, and drink absolutely ZERO milk. That's right. And there are certain combinations of food they have to eat and in specific portioned amounts. Hmmm. Oh, and ABSOLUTELY NO EXERCISE. It is not needed.
I asked her if she was going to do it. She said no, it sounded ridiculous, but all the other ladies were just lapping it up. See, this is the SECRET METHOD for losing weight that they have been looking for their ENTIRE LIFE. It has to be. It is super complicated and detailed and nit picky so this just has to be the way.
I said, 'BFF, you know I am doing none of those things. I eat exactly what I please in portioned amounts, walk daily, and I've lost 27 pounds. Without all that silly stuff. Without the 'good' and 'bad' foods.'
And SHE said, 'Well, I'd really like to look at your cholesterol count.'
WTH. (what the heck)
What does THAT mean?
It means that even though I'm successful and HAPPY, I'm still not doing it the right way. Aren't I supposed to be eating disgustingly healthy foods? Where's the suffering? Dang this just irritated me to high heaven. Why why why can't people just leave me alone and let me lose weight without all the criticism.
So I just cleverly directed the conversation to other lines of topic and let it go. I mean seriously. I could care less what my cholesterol count is. I am eating less than I ever have in my life, I'm more active than I've ever been in my life. If it IS high, it's bound to go down now right? And who really cares? My mother (I miss you Mom) was always trying to lose 15 pounds as long as I can remember and ate absolutely zero fat, and I mean ZERO fat. Always watched her calories whatever and her cholesterol was THROUGH THE ROOF. Yes, shocking I know. And my Dad and I who ate everything under the sun had extremely LOW cholesterol. She just really felt that was unfair. I think her dying of pancreatic cancer is unfair but nobody asked me my opinion!
Pretty much the entire walk was taken up with talk about losing weight, and I just tried to be supportive because she is just not there yet. There has been no click. And if you don't know what I'm talking about, it's the click that happens when you 'get it', and everything finally falls into place and there is no turning back. So I just listened and was careful to not tell her what she was supposed to do because by gum if she doesn't know by NOW with all the nattering on I do then she has to be a moron.
I have spent more time in the kitchen in the last two days than I have in a long time. I think I've been a bit afraid of the kitchen. I'm this smashingly good cook, see? You have to be with a husband and 8 hungry kids to feed. And I've been scared that I would just go NUTS, literally NUTS and devour madly the food I am making. So we'll see what tonight holds. I made chicken spaghetti


I am having a devil of a time figuring out how to do these pictures right. I can never get the text for the pic exactly where I want it to go.
Oh, btw, none of this food is low calorie. Just a heads up. Also veggies and a salad to round out the meal and yum does it all look and smell good.
Cross your fingers that I eat the small portioned amount I plan to eat and am completely and totally satisfied and don't make a pig of myself.
Oh, and the pioneer woman whose site I got these recipes from? She's someone I wish I knew in real life. And how does she stay so stinking thin making food like this! Because she says she eats this stuff. Maybe she only has a couple bites or something. Well, no use being jealous eh?
Other than that my kids are driving my bonkers, the kitten keeps throwing up (but will not take the medicine the doc gave us I wish she had just given us liquid I mean seriously why would you wrap little bits of pills in 'kitten treats' because after she ate one NO WAY is she going to eat another no matter how I try to disguise it cats are so picky), my laundry has reached monumental proportions and I hate loathe and detest sorting socks. With so many people in this house you would not BELIEVE the many different kinds there are. I wish socks came attached to clothes I really do. And where has this week gone! And even more so, where has this YEAR GONE because it's already the end of July.

I'll leave you with one of my favorites. I wanted to have it be at the END of my post but well I'm unable to figure out how to get it there so here it is. I'm off to pop stuff in the oven like a good little housewife. You all be good. Toodleooski!


  1. I was told once that time speeds up when you get out of school (high school or college).

  2. I have a crush on the Pioneer Woman, seriously! She is awesome.

  3. Zaa I have been thinking about your BFF and her cholestrol comment..... I personally think she is jealous of your see you use to be this person who would walk with her but never lose the weight...and that suited her cause it made her feel more superior than you....well now the shoe is on the other foot...and she can't fault you for not exercises (you do that) she can't tell you that your cal counting doesn't work( it does) so what can she tell you so you start to feel as bad about yourself as she does about herself

    Now I don't think she is doing it to be nasty.... I think ppl just get scared when they see someone succeeding at something they wanted to do then they have to bring them down cause then bff wont feel as bad bout herself....

    Keep up the great work and your dinner looks yum

  4. I agree with Kathiej with regards to the friend stuff. She feels threatened, and isn't really trying to be mean, but we are all human after all. Some of us deal with change better than others.
    And I totally get what you mean about the click. that's how I explained it to people when I finally knew I was ready to get serious. It just clicked you know?
    Giving cats pills is the worst!! I find that by turning them upside down on my lap, opening their bottom jaw-as gently as possible- and then dropping it in kind of forces them to swallow. It all has to be quick though, or else they just spit it out and then things can get ugly kind of fast. Good luck with figuring out a way that works with yours!

  5. I agree. I think she is jealous.

  6. Day 73 sounds like a helluva long time, doesn't it, when really it's just the blink of an eye.

    Glad to hear this is getting easier for you as well. I've really been pushing myself harder these past couple of weeks because... well, just because.

    You're on your way.Keep on keeping on.

  7. I love the way you write...I always enjoy reading your posts. I laughed out loud when you said your friend had to be a "moron", lol. People are so funny, aren't they? In a weird, "out there", can't-think-of-anything-nice-to-say kind of way. Congrats on Day 73 and the 27 lbs. I'm so jealous!!!! Only 20 lbs. lost for me so far...I'm trying to catch up to you girl! :)