Tuesday, July 28, 2009

Day 71--Knock me over with a feather!

Day 71 wow. In one month I will hit 100 days. I just cannot believe that this is me, this is happening, this is working. Somebody pinch me!
Okay so the most horrible thing in the world has happened. We took Elora Dannan (our new kitten) to the vet and discovered to our horror that she is a boy! Yes, I am cowering in shame for not being able to tell. So now we don't know if we want to keep the name since he'll be neutered anyways or try to come up with a fabulous name to go with Ninja Cobra, my other cat. It's a toughie.
My wonderful new shoes are too tight and I'm exchanging them for a bigger size. I thought they were fine but after walking in them for a couple of days realised that no, something was not right. Heading up there tomorrow. It's storming to beat the band here, and it looks like it's going to be for the rest of the evening. I don't want to wear the shoes anymore since I'm exchanging them so we'll see what tonight brings.
I am making chili for dinner. It just seemed perfect for today, all gloomy and dark and cold. It smells lusciously wonderful. I'm figuring it to be 1 cup = 275 calories. I hope that's right. I'm going by a standard calorie counter thing. Then cheese (American is what I love in chili) 70 calories and 1 oz fritos is 160. That's 505 but I guarantee I won't eat all the fritos. I just can't eat chili without them.
School starts in 3 weeks (and there was much rejoicing in the land) and I cannot wait. I am so tired of the kids being bored and/or fighting over the nintendo/tv/computer. Or just plain lying around feeling sorry for themselves.
I've been helping my son finish up his stuff for college. Yes, he's 20. Yes, he put it off til the last minute. Yes, I should have been more in his face about doing all this stuff earlier in the year. At least it's all done. Transcripts faxed, app in, fafsa done and sent. I love how you can do everything online now. I really hope everything comes together because the first day of classes is: (are you ready for this?) August 18. Yes, a mere 3 weeks away folks.
When/if he goes, the big room switcheroos will occur with all the kids vying for a room of their own upstairs. Gee, I wish I could have my own room!
So there we have it. Another day in the exceedingly mundane life I lead. Hard to believe people actually read this stuff. And enjoy it!
My youngest is going through the joke stage so I have to leave you with a few that I really like:
  • Why don't tigers eat clowns?
  • They taste funny. (I don't know why but this one always tickles me)

  • Why did they bury the fireman OVER the hill?
  • Because he was dead.
Be good my fellow bloggers/losingweightpeople. Make wise choices!


  1. We have so much in common! We also enjoyed chili the other night...with Fritos! My daughter has also waited for the last minute to get everything ready for her sophomore year. We're doing the FAFSA tomorrow night!
    Oh yeah---and we're both on the same road to a wonderful new life free from obesity!!!!

    Congratulations on the progress! I too remember looking ahead to day 100 and thinking, wow---this is really happening---I'm really doing it!!! Zaa, someday you'll do the same when coming upon 200, then 300, and so on---and can you imagine where you'll be? Isn't it wonderful to realize that the calendar is your friend instead of another dreadful reminder?
    I'm so happy for you!

    My best always

  2. Zaa....where in the world have you been??? Pull yourself away from your "mundane" life as you call it and blog with us! lol

    The tiger/clown joke made me laugh out loud...looks like we have the same sense of humor. :)

    The first 100 days sounds so exciting!! I can't wait til I reach mine....I'm only 6 1/2 wks along right now...but plugging away every day. Glad you're back....I've missed your posts!

  3. almost 100 days???! AWEWSOME!

  4. The tiger/clown gave me a giggle too.
    Are "Fritos" tortilla chips?

    Why do you consider your life "Mundane"?
    I think it can't be anthing like mundane, with a growing family, the new school year almost here, a son going off to college. You steering yourself to a healthier lighter life, where is "Mundane" in there?

    You are on a journey with signposts: 100days, 200.300 and onwards. You are doing it quietly with support from unseen friends, as well as family and friends. Mundane ain't there either Zaa.
    Swap Mundane for Marvellous.



  5. I love corny jokes, makes me sad my son outgrew them...he's 20 also, and trying to get any 20 year old to do anything in a timely manner is not always the easiest thing in the world! (Better check to see if he rescheduled his dr. appt. right now!)

    Thanks for the comment during my recuperation, I am feeling better now and am back.