Wednesday, July 15, 2009

Day 58

Enjoying my summer vacation, sleeping in, staying up late. Made bacon and eggs for everyone this morning yum! Walked last night and man! was it humid and hot! today's supposed to be much cooler--cross your fingers!
I really look forward to walking, amazingly. It's still so hard! We have a halfway point with benches that we rest on for about 5 minutes. Still, 2.5 miles is nothing to sneeze at, seeing as how 2 months ago I could barely walk around the block. This has to be tough for my friend. She has walked every single day with me and I've lost 22 pounds and her? she has gained. Gained! Can you imagine! But she is not changing how she eats which is key I think. I'm eating 1500 calories a day and I've lost 22 pounds in 6 weeks.
********more signs that I'm losing************
  • today I put my underwear on without holding on to anything, or sitting. okay this is like a really big deal to me.
  • i wore a necklace yesterday--I haven't worn one in years because my neck was so fat it looked ridiculous--and it looked good!
  • certain pieces of my clothing are much looser
I'm making bbq roast beef sandwiches tonight for dinner. I make mine in a skillet fried in butter. Nice and healthy I know! But it doesn't taste as good on soft bread so I need to figure out how to make the bread nice and crispy and the inside nice and hot. It's one of my favorite things to eat. I only get it after i make a roast which isn't often. One big change in my cooking is I no longer bake. I've stopped making brownies, cookies, cakes, desserts of any kind, even rolls. My kids ask me for a snack and I don't have one in the house and I don't rush to make one for my poor snackless darlings! Incredible how there always used to be something decadent and chocolate in this house and now there is only fudgesicles (90 calories each) and ghiradelli chocolate chips (1 oz 80 cal)
I would much rather have a small portion of the real thing than a big portion of something disgusting. A lot of cookbooks have folks using fat free everything. Well just because it is fat free doesn't mean it's lower in calories. Sometimes it's HIGHER in calories. Like cream of mushroom soup. Normal--90 cal per serving. Fat free--120 cal per serving. Weird I know. So glad I read those labels now! And here I used to NEVER EVER EVER look at nutrition labels. Denial was my best friend back then. Now I look at them all the time.
I am so happy with my decision to lose weight. It's affecting my whole life. I'm more confident, I feel full of power and strength in my heart. I wonder why it took so long for it to 'click' for me. I have been miserable for so long. I hated everything about my life--my clothes, how slow I moved, how sedentary I was, people's treatment of me, my bleak outlook of being a slave to food. I wish I had discovered how easy it is to lose weight the 'old fashioned' way a long time ago. My life would be very different. Ah well.
Having a bit of a spat with the old ball and chain right now. I always feel like if i wasn't fat my marriage would be different. Like losing weight would make me more lovable or him more loving.
Found a few more blogs to follow. So fun finding others who have made the same commitment towards eating less and exercise.
Make wise choices.


  1. Those little NSVs are what keep me focused on the big picture. The scale just represents a number, but those victories like you mention are real-life.

    Congrats on your success.

  2. I love that you feel powerful! Isn't that a great feeling. Its because you do have power and control over this big part of your life now. What a huge blessing! Love reading your blog and hearing your NSVs! Blessings--Bonnie

  3. The transformation that you're headed for will be a most amazing one. It is so cool to see and read the transformation that has already happened in your mind. Those NSV's are big time boosters, I mean the real deal stuff that fuels our resolve and keeps us knowing that we're headed in a wonderful direction. Your philosophy is just like mine on the fat free stuff. I refuse to buy it. I want the real deal, even less of the real deal if need be. But don't tell me I have to eat fat free this and fat free that. Now I do understand, some people may actually like some fat free or Low fat items, and if it saves them calories, that's cool. I guess even I do this with the McDonalds reduced fat soft serve cones(150 cal--I know you already knew that!)
    But fat free cheese? No thank you! That's probably my number one fat free intollerance.
    I love cheese, fat and all!

    It makes me so incredibly happy to read how you're feeling. How wonderful, how it's effected every aspect of your life...How it's changing you!!! You're a strong person, and even stronger and more powerful now!!
    Oh--and about your friend. Hang in there with her. Does she understand what you're doing? Is she just not able to get there mentally? I hope she will come around and click like you have.
    This obesity thing is becoming history!

    Thank you for reading every single post I've written, that really means a lot to me. I'm going to do the same with your blog over the next few days.

    Blessings, and Zaababy---My best always,


  4. I'm so gonna love following your journey all the way to 150, I mean I'm gonna love it!!!!

    You're so on your way!

  5. I'm so glad I found your blog! I know what you mean about butter making the bread crunchy and yummy.....unfortunately I know about it too well! I'm trying to forget that I know that secret! LOL
    I look forward to following your journey!