Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Day 51---My List of Things That are Different

Here is a list of things that I am noticing are different as I lose weight:
I can clean parts of my body in the shower that I couldn't reach before
My smile looks different. That's the big thing right now. I used to hate my smile because my mouth looked so little compared to the rest of my face, which I also hated because it was all puffy and swollen. When I first noticed it, I thought hmm my mouth looks bigger, yes, that was what tipped me off. I am so enjoying smiling at myself in the mirror!
In the shower, I could put my hands on the sides of my thighs and they would be touching the sides of the shower. Today? I had wiggle room! Yes I about cried right then.
I don't want to be gross but it's easier to wipe when I go to the bathroom.
My stomach doesn't rub against the steering wheel. Yes it's still super close but not like it was.
*********End of List*********
So today I got up, showered, put makeup on and got dressed. And I didn't even go anywhere. I'm beginning to actually care about what I look like. There have been many days, more than I care to remember, when I didn't even look in the mirror the entire day. Some of those days I had two in diapers and several other small kids, which is a bit understandable but the rest? Why would I want to look in the mirror?! I see this as another sign that the Wellbutrin is working. I still can't believe that I am taking this stuff. If anybody should it's my husband he's just so negative yet it's me! Incredible.
Made a yummy quesadilla for dinner tonight:
tortilla-120 cal
beans-45 cal
1 oz taco meat-75 cal (I hope)
1 oz grated cheese-110 cal
1 slice American cheese-60 cal
As you can tell I like the cheese. Adds up to a nice 410 calories for dinner. Breakfast was 450 leaving me 640 still. I do like to snack in the evening.
Getting ready to head out on my evening walk with my bff. We do 2.5 miles and I swear it's super tough and she wants to add on blocks and I told her no way not yet. When we are done I think I'm gonna die and basically collapse on the bed for a bit.
I am so glad school starts next month. I wish it started sooner.
I am finding all kinds of new blogs to read and I'm really enjoying them all. It's fun to read other people's success stories. Someday I will be one.
Make wise choices.


  1. You are already a success story! Sounds like a great day! Yay!

  2. Great list. It's those things that seem small and insignificant to other people that can be the biggest victories :)

  3. I think you already are a success story. Look at that amazing list! Sucess isn't just something that happens at happen along the way. You're there.

    I'm craving tacos now. lol I love cheese, too.