Thursday, July 2, 2009

Day 45--Weight loss and the cessation of smoking

Well that took forever and a day transferring all my weight loss posts to this new and improved journal! But they are all here, from my very first on. And who knows, maybe nobody in the whole wide world will want to read about me, my lame life, and my struggles to lose weight, and this will have been a colossal waste of time!
It's 9:30 in the evening, and I've had a whopping 860 calories today. Wow I know.
Brunch was bacon, eggs and juice--450 calories
Dinner was a hamburger patty, cheese, and 3 oz of fries--410 calories. Oh,and I had a Sprite Zero. That thing has zero calories. It's nice to have something to drink besides water.
And I walked 2 1/2 miles. It's hard still, but I'm always so glad that I did it.
I'm on Day 3 of the Wellbutrin. Tomorrow I start taking 2 pills a day. Does this stuff make you not hungry? Because I'm not. But oh, how I love going into the evening with a lot of calories. I am a late night snacker!
It's weird to think this is day 45. I've been doing this for 1 1/2 months. Incredible! I've never done anything like this! Well, actually, 17 years ago I quit smoking cold turkey, and I guess this is like that. I was so determined then to stop, and I had heard so many people say that they quit for 3 years then just picked one up one day and boom they were hooked again. I decided that I wouldn't even touch them, ever again. And I haven't. I haven't had one drag off a cigarette in 17 years. I wouldn't go back to that life again if you paid me a million dollars. Just like now, with my fat. I never want to go back to being discouraged, depressed, hating myself and everything around me. Hopeless. Doomed. A prisoner. I used to think it would be so hard to lose weight. That I did not have that special something inside me. I would see the People magazines with their cover girls who lost a ton of weight with no pills or surgery! and I would think man! I wish I could do that! And lookee! I AM!!!
Well, 15 pounds isn't necessarily a TON of weight, but you get the general idea.
I am pushing for 10 pounds lost next Friday for a total of 25. You never know, it might happen. I know I'm not walking on the 4th, and possibly not on the 5th because of family commitments. And tomorrow I am going down to pick up my daughter from camp so who knows how I'll feel in the evening!
I think I'm done sitting at the computer.
Make wise choices!

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