Friday, November 4, 2011

Sometimes I Think We Know Too Much

There is just so much information about nutrition and weight loss out there. You can find it through google, books, television, friends, family. In all my life, I have only known ONE person who has never dieted, was stick thin, and couldn't gain weight if she tried. She is actually what I would call gaunt, with kind of a yellowish complexion. Everybody else, from my Grandmother who was always trying to lose 10 pounds, my Mother, always trying to lose 25 pounds (or 15 or 10 or whatever would get her to 125), ladies at church, friends in my neighborhood, cousins oh I could go on. 
I can figure out the calories of pretty much anything I eat. I can also figure out how many calories I burned through any type of exercise, even sleeping! 
And science helps so much, don't they? They tell us what is bad and what is good. Remember when eggs were bad? Now they're good. Remember when bread/carbs was bad? Some people think they're good now and others don't. Did you know seaweed is in now? Yes, it's the new hit diet food. 
I can't believe how swayed I have been my entire life on what the 'experts' have to tell me about the food I eat. I have always been glad I liked dairy stuff, because of the nutrition in eggs and milk and cheese. You know, the people a few generations ago would have egg and milk mixed together to help them get over sicknesses and regain their strength. But now they are on the no no list too--milk is only good if its skim (white water I call it), fat free cheeses are acceptable, egg beaters all the way!!!! Okay I never use any of those at all. 
I think we know too much about weight loss that it boggles the mind. It makes us question everything. I have friends who are doing the Atkins diet. I have friends who are eating 1200 calories but it's all this weird stuff like kashi cereal (please don't say how wonderful it is, if you do like then I am glad, I think it's ridiculously expensive and kind of icky) and 'healthy' foods that you normally don't eat. How long do you think this will last? (Not long) And others who won't eat sugars or white flour or processed meats or dairy of any kind and it's funny, they seem to feel superior to the rest of us mortals who haven't discovered the 'answer', the 'secret' to weight loss. Am I losing weight the right way? That person over there drinks shakes and eats protein bars. That lady takes pills that make her poo in her pants but oh, it's worth it. (? Um, no.) Another takes a prescription pill from her doctor that is pretty much legalized speed, it reduces her appetite and gives her energy. The weirdest diets seem to get the most attention. 
Doctors have, as long as I can remember, said to lose weight you have to eat less and exercise more. They never ever said to eat only certain foods and don't eat others and do this specific form of exercise. And I like the generic way they tell us. 
It gives me the freedom to ignore the latest fads, ignore people who email me and worry because I'm not eating enough 'nutritious' foods. All foods have nutrition. 
You could walk down a city street and I defy you to tell me who doesn't eat white flour, or never eats fat, or refined sugar. Healthwise I think it's all the same. Which is why I gleefully embrace the ability to eat exactly what I want.

My food for the day:
Normal breakfast 200 cal
french bread pizza 380
chips 160
1/2 c homemade chili 149 I really hope that's right
1 slice american cheese 60
14 g fritos 80
1 homemade M&M cookie--I am thinking 200? It feels like 200
3 small bites of a pineapple ice cream dessert and I have no idea what that was so I am just assigning it 200 cal and calling it a day.
Total: 1490

I walked the horseshoe.

I weigh tomorrow and get my bp checked.

Making wise choices joyfully,


  1. Normal breakfast is 1 serving of cereal, milk in the cereal, and 4 oz of orange juice or milk. I just get tired of typing it out all the time.

  2. A bit late to the party, but I should have said HAPPY BIRTHDAY a bit sooner! The big 5-0...I hope you had a lovely celebration of YOU.
    Happy, Happy Birthday Laura.