Thursday, November 17, 2011

Lovely day with hubby!

He worked 67 hours in 6 days. So he was exhausted. He slept until 10, and then I fed him sausage, scrambled eggs, toast and juice for breakfast. Later we went to Walmart, the library, and the hardware store. And might I add how much fun it was just to be with him! I am so glad he's home.

Then he was hungry and we went to a little truck stop that has the best food in the world and we both had biscuits and gravy--he had 3, I had 1. It was a lovely lovely day!

After the kids got home I made chocolate chip cookies. Sam had 5 boys over after school to play video games. They ate ALL the cookies. 
So after dinner I made toffee bars. Simple and delicious, and very portable. David and Eli like to have a little sweet in their lunches they take everyday.

Dinner, I made vegetable soup and toasted cheese sandwiches. And it is very very cold outside AND in the house. But I ate something different.

Food I ate today:
1 toast 100
2 sausage links 120
2 scrambled eggs 150
1 biscuit and gravy no idea
hash browns no idea
1 sausage patty no idea
2 tostadas 300
1 toffee bar

It's funny, I seriously never eat anywhere but my home but in the last week it's been nuts. Hubby wanted to eat out and I was hungry too, so there you go. I'm pretty sure I ate under 1500 calories. But I wanted to make sure so I had a 300 calorie dinner. And a toffee bar. Mmmmm it really did hit the spot.

Tonight was a crazy one. Bethany gone with her friends to a youth group thing. MG had detention (!) then a book club THEN she went to a bunch of basketball games. Eli and Sam headed up north to 'the city' and Sam is supposedly getting his hair cut. Have I ever mentioned that Sam has hair down to the middle of his back? Yes, quite hippy like. And of course it's beautiful, smooth brown hair, and he doesn't even use conditioner! We'll see if he actually DOES get it cut. 

Oh and Meatball has something wrong with his ears, was scratching ferociously and hurt them. Rachel took him to the vet---and----Meatball was bad at the vet. He scratched one of the helpers very badly and they didn't even do anything to him because he was so freaked out. Rachel said when the man helper picked him up and put him on the table and laid on him to hold him still that Meatball SCREAMED. I didn't know dogs could scream. She thinks he hurt him somehow when he laid on him. And she doesn't want to go back to that vet ever again! She was pretty upset. And so was Meatball. We do have some steroids to give him, and ear drops. Huh. Ear drops? And someone please tell me how we are going to put drops in his ear when the vet couldn't even touch his ear.
All in all a very full day for all. Maybe, hopefully, I'll have the house all to myself tomorrow. 

Making wise choices through the turmoil of everyday life,

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  1. Seems like there is always something wrong with those dogs' ears!