Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Day before Thanksgiving

I can pretty much sum it all up in these 4 words: I'm in the kitchen. Yes, when Thanksgiving is at my house, and my daughter doesn't cook so she isn't bringing anything, and my Dad doesn't cook so HE isn't bringing anything, then I have to cook it all.
So today I made the pumpkin pies, pretzel salad, boiled the eggs and peeled them, made the 2 vegetable casseroles. 

Thankfully I have a nice roaster so the oven will be free for other things tomorrow.

Tonight hubby will make the pecan pies because he has discovered that cooking is easy! I tried to hide it from him but he's too clever. So now the pecan pies are HIS thing which is allright by me.

Kids are out of school until next Tuesday. 

Food I have been eating:
burrito made with my taco meat
1 no bake cookie
chili with cheese (haven't eaten yet but will)
Yesterday I ate the same except I had a homemade hamburger for dinner.
And I did take a few tastes of the stuff I've been making. Tomorrow will be a wonderful day! I will be allowing myself 1000 extra calories. 

Oh and I cheated this year. Rachel brought home fresh rolls from the bakery so I don't have to make them!

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