Friday, November 25, 2011

The Day After

Wow. Two days spent primarily cooking. Everything cleaned up nicely yesterday morning, (kids helping) and the food turned out great. My Dad ended up not coming. He hurt his back. 

I was very pleased with everything--the kids just raved about the mashed potatoes! Go figure. The gravy was great, and everything turned out delicious. 

I pretty much did nothing today.

And I didn't have that many leftovers, which was what I planned for dinner tonight, so now I have no idea what to make! Would be great if everyone would be happy to have pumpkin pie for dinner.

I ate pretty much everything I served. I tried to keep the portions small. I did have seconds before bed, of the turkey, potatoes, and gravy. All in all it was a pretty good day foodwise. But I did not stress about how many calories everything was. I just tried to keep the portions small.

Today my food was normal fare, except for dinner which I still have no idea what I will be making.

Rachel and Mary are out on the town, going to see The Muppets for her birthday. 

The rest of the kids: slept in, watched tv or played video games all day, and pretty much got along nicely. They go back to school Tuesday. 

For some reason I woke up early.

So it's been a lovely start to the holidays. No black Friday shopping, we haven't started decorating for Christmas yet. It's not even December. I like to wait til then. The kids all want to decorate sugar cookies this year, which I am horrible at rolling and cutting out but maybe I'll do better than before.

Bethany did well with her 'baby', but she didn't sleep much. I didn't hear a thing. *grin*

Making wise choices through the hustle and bustle,

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