Wednesday, March 10, 2010

Day 309--This is One Long List but you'll love it. I promise.

*****New Cool Things In My Life--pretend these all have zillions of exclamation marks after each one*****************
  • I stood on the bench in the kitchen to get a china platter off the top of my hutch. And then I got back up to put it back later in the day. I haven't gotten up on a piece of furniture since I don't know when
  • jumped over a mud puddle without being freaked out. I looked at it, measured the distance, then leaped over it and didn't even worry about if my foot was going to land funny and I would fall.
  • I was at WalMart and saw some shirts on sale for $3 so I grabbed 2 that were extra large and didn't try them on in the store and came home and tried them on and they fit! Me! In an extra large shirt that I just took off the rack at the store! This is just blowing my mind.
  • Went shopping Monday afternoon and spent two hours trying on clothes! Oh it was so much fun! I bought a new pair of jeans (size 24--remember, I used to not even be able to fit in the largest size they sold) and 6 shirts EXTRA LARGE. I look so different with these new clothes on! I actually have an hour glass figure! Yes I'm quite voluptuous but it's attractive and I love looking at myself! My husband's eyes about popped out of his skull when he saw me. Which was most gratifying. And I got a new purse and it's smaller and green! I never have green purses but since I am becoming someone new I thought why not! oh and got a wallet for $5 that was green and matches perfectly.
  • I am ceremoniously going through my clothes and getting rid of everything that is too big. I threw away the underwear. My big red coat is going, and oh my closet is going to be so empty--but not for long!!!!!!!! :-) This is so much fun!
  • I catch glimpses of myself in mirrors at WalMart and I look good, I don't have to pull a shirt down or fix my bra or stuff my breasts back INTO my bra because they're bubbling out of the top. I look good just casually looking and I love love love it! Mirrors used to be my enemy, now they are my friends!!!
  • Was at the doctor's today and my bp was 130/80. She said that she was very proud of me and told lots of people about my success. I love that my doctor is my friend. Like today, I had something of extreme urgency that I needed to see her for and they worked me in because they love me that's what they said! Isn't that nice?
  • When I sit in my computer nook I have a fuzzy princess blanket I cover myself up with and my daughter came in and freaked and I said what and she said you used to turn that blanket sideways and it wouldn't even come around your body and now you have it lengthwise and you're so little under it! Little stuff like this just make my whole day.
  • At the store I ran into someone I used to go to church with and I could see she was looking at me covertly as we were talking and then she said have you lost weight and I said yes and she said I looked great and what was my secret! I smiled inwardly because everyone asks me that and I told her a very abbreviated and condensed version of what I do and she said oh I could never do that!
  • Was at the school today and one of the teachers walked by as I was talking and came back and said have you lost weight? and I said yes, and she said I look great! I will never ever ever get tired of people telling me how good I look! I can't wait for my Dad and sister to see me on Saturday, they haven't seen me for 3 months.
  • So my youngest son came to me two nights ago and said he wanted to start counting his calories/watching portion sizes and so I am being very encouraging and not critical and helping him make his lunch and stuff. My life touches so many others in such a neat way!
  • I feel so little in my suburban. I love looking at my arms as I steer and see how thin they are getting. I love looking down at my thighs and see how thin THEY are getting. Don't worry I look at the road too.
  • I wrote a check to pay for our water bill on the WRONG BANK and we bounced and man my husband hates when that happens and so do I it was an innocent mistake. Sigh.
Okay this is one neat video I hope you like it. I love this guy.

And as always, my best to you all. I decided instead of ranting and raving in a lunatic fashion about weight loss I would just share my cool stuff.


  1. I love this - Every day living in this new body that feels different than it did before. Today I did yoga's "child pose" - basically you sit on your feet and then fold your head to your knees - You're supposed to put your hands back at your feet, but I was never able to do that before or I'd fall over onto my head, because my legs couldn't fold enough and my tummy couldn't fold enough to do the pose - but I could do it today. Grabbing my elbows behind my back today, too, and feeling parts of your body that the fat has gone from... I can't post them every day or people will get bored. :-)

  2. The best list of NSVs I've ever read ... I can feel your enthusiasm right through the screen. Congratulations. And that woman who said she could never do that? Sure she could ... she just doesn't want to.

  3. I never get tired of those wonderful lists Zaa!! I was so proud when your daughter wanted to follow your footsteps w/ losing weight, and now your soon as jumped on the wagon too!!! What exciting stuff to watch you all improve and grow healthier as a family unit. That just thrills my heart have a fabulous day! :)

  4. hello Zaa i have just found your blog and read it from the beginning. What an inspiration you are. I have gone out today and bought myself a calorie counting book,im going to follow your plan and allow myself 1500cals and i have walked for an hour today. Im excited!!! Thankyou!!

  5. I love your lists, and i love reading about new things you are finding out about yourself!!