Thursday, October 1, 2009

Day 135--Early weigh day and I am going to a woman's retreat

Zipped up to the clinic and weighed. I lost 3 more pounds which makes the grand total of 54 pounds lost, gone forever. Of course it would have been thrilling to actually go beneath the 300 mark but I will next time I'm sure. I now weigh 302 pounds.
I also got my hair colored today. Yes, I gave myself my Ilost50pounds reward. Also got it cut shorter. I'm so excited I can't believe I actually had the guts to do this. I have never done this before. Not sure what everyone will say but I LOVE IT!
I am leaving tonight to spend the night with my sister then early tomorrow we are heading off to a woman's retreat with her church. Okay I have not spent the night away from home since my Mother (miss you Mom) was dying 6 years ago and I spent every moment I could with her. Those overnights were not necessarily fun. But this will be!
*******Quick signs that make Zaa's heart beat fast*****
  • I put my shoes and socks on while standing up. And I didn't fall over! And I didn't lose my balance.
  • I used the normal sized stall at WM today and I fit excellently and it wasn't until I was wiping (sorry to be grody but oh well) that I realised I was having no problem whatsoever. None.
  • I got down on the floor to scrub up dog vomit--fun I know--and it didn't hurt my knees to be down there AND when I got up it was so incredibly easy I could not believe it. I had to get back down and come back up again just to see if I could!
  • I didn't get out of the hair place til super late and had to zip home to get my daughter from school. I did not one time while I was there think about food. But when I got home I was famished and had some lunch. Okay so why is this in the list? Because there was a time when I would have made darn sure that I ate beFORE I got my hair done so I wouldn't waste away while getting my hair done. Or at least zipped through a drive thru and ate on the way home, who cares if I'm a little late to pick up my daughter I'm hungry!
***********I'm done********
And I really am done, I have zillions of things still that I need to pack before I can leave and I haven't even THOUGHT about dinner.
Exciting days folks. Many changes for Zaababy. Hugs to you all!


  1. Great post. I love that you constantly notice all the little things that are easier in your life.

    And the weight loss? Awesome!!

  2. WOW Zaa...your loss thus far has been nothing short of amazing. And you don't even count calories!!! Super jealous of you, but so, so happy for success...I truly am. I love following your progress. You inspire me to no end. Can't wait to hit that 50 lb. mark myself...about 15 more lbs to go! :)

  3. Congrats on another great loss! Have fun :)

  4. These extra things you can do now are great to hear about. You are an inspiration.

  5. Whoo-hoo, way to go Zaa!! I bet that new do looks great! Have fun on your retreat.

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