Wednesday, July 22, 2009

Day 65--the more things change, the more they stay the same

Absolutely nothing is going on that is exciting in my life, so if you read this whole post congratulations!
This week consisted of:
  • taking my daughter back and forth to vbs
  • limping, but still walking nightly 2.5 miles
  • went to the grocery store
  • cleaned all the windows, screens, and window sills with my husband when he was home yesterday
  • not slept a whole bunch
  • watched some Seinfeld reruns
  • got gas for my car
  • mailed a package to my son in New Mexico of all the stuff he left behind from his visit last month, also picked up the mail (we live in a small town right behind the post office and don't have a mailbox, we pick our mail up at the post office. So Mayberry like! and if you don't know what Mayberry is I feel sorry for you)
  • eating the same old 1500 calories everyday, sometimes less.
What is different now from a couple of months ago:
  • I am not baking cookies, cakes, and brownies pretty much everyday
  • I don't have an open bag of chips at the computer
  • I don't have a 'secret' bag of candy in the drawer of my computer
  • I don't have a 'secret' stash of candy in my bedside table drawer
  • I don't have a 'secret' stash of anything hidden in my kitchen
  • I am not making up excuses to leave the house, head up north, and eat at McDonald's. Alone, with a book. Because I need time alone.
  • I'm not hating myself, my life, and everything else.
Well I guess I needed to type all this out, because even though my days are humdrum right now, they're not focused on food. I am LOSING WEIGHT for the first time in ever and I'm thrilled to be doing so. And next month will be so different. School is starting on August 20th *dances around the room in a joyful haze* and my days will be so full of school shopping for supplies and shoes and clothes and backpacks.
I think I'm going to enjoy these slow lazy days.
*********WEIGH DAY FRIDAY***************


  1. There's nothing more boring that being in a good weight-losing routine. It doesn't make for exciting blogging, but it makes for fireworks when you step on the scales.


  2. I know, some days I feel quite tempted to write "today, I dieted and exercised" - but that would be boring.

    I enjoy your posts. So much of what you write resonates. And, hey, I love Seinfeld!

    Good luck for Friday!

  3. I am pretty boring... so I find just about anything exciting (maybe even watching paint dry). Today I am watching what I eat, going to classes, doing some chores, going to the gym... blah blah.

    It is pretty exciting (like JS said above) when you step on the scale, and see a loss. Makes it all worth while.

  4. I look forward to ur posts.....Have you seen a dr about your foot?

  5. What a FANTASTIC list of what's NOT going on since 2 months ago....glad there are no hidden stashes and no secret trips to McDonald's...GOOD FOR YOU for changing for the better and losing the weight. :)

  6. I enjoy reading your blog. Good Luck on Friday.

  7. I really liked the fact that you'd given up the "secret stashes". Who needs junk cluttering our lives?

    Not a boring post at all!

  8. I notice a lot of "secret" in your blog. I used to have a lot of "Secret" eating episodes. It was like doing drugs. No one sees me, I am hiding. Why are we hiding? We know it's wrong. Why didn't we eat like this in front of people? We know it's wrong. As long as we know we are doing wrong, how "secret" is it. Thanks again for being one of my internet inspirations!!

  9. I think this was a GREAT post!

  10. I agree with the above comments, I love reading your blog and can relate to a fair amount of your "boring" life. I know all about secret stashes, secret trips buy the "forbidden" take-aways.

    you are doing great and I look forward to tomorrows post.

    best wishes