Friday, December 2, 2011

She's Home

The Rescue Aid Society sprang into action today and accepted the mission to head into the wilds and bring Bekah back home! Things had soured spectacularly where she was, and my hubby, Eli and I went down and brought her back. She spends her time crying, but that will soon be over. I hope. Girls, boys are bad, stay away from them.
On the food front, I'm still making my little decisions all day. Today I had one M&M cookie that I made yesterday. (Yesterday I had one also). We stopped at McD's today because B hadn't eaten much in 3 days and I was super hungry. I thought man I'll just go ahead and get a big meal! But I didn't, I got what I always got, 616 calories of yummyness. And I'm full.
Tonight we are having MG's birthday party with a few girls. I am making tacos and R is bringing a cake from the bakery. I never really do anything 'party' like to the house, like put up streamers and balloons. Is that bad? I hope I'm not cheating her out of something wonderful.
Kitten is going to the vet on Monday. I noticed today she was ooching her bottom on the floor, as if it itched or something. And I noticed in her litter box she has diarrhea. Fascinating I know!! 
Tomorrow we have 2 wedding receptions to go to. Fun fun!
Most times when I get something to eat I think 'there is no way this will be enough' and it always is. Why don't I remember that? It happens over and over. I feel so greedy sometimes. My Mom used to say that my eyes were bigger than my stomach. So true. When I make good decisions, I feel so happy with myself at night. I'm starting to really be serious about all this. If I think about pulling out a second cookie, I remind myself: You'll be so mad tonight that you did this--why don't you feel that way now? If it makes me mad then, it should make me mad to be tempted. Instead I want I want I want and that seems to take over my whole body. 
There are 5 squealing 12 year old girls in my house right now. I must head out to prepare a feast for them all. 
Making wise choices be what I want,


  1. Got to train those eyes to get in tandem with your tummy! Well done on making good choices :)

  2. 5 12 year olds is it's own diet plan... :)

  3. I miss your posts and wish you would blog again!


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