Wednesday, November 24, 2010

And so it begins

I was just thinking when I typed the title for this that I don't know what day I am on of my weight loss journey! So sometime soon I will sit and figure that out. It's been 18 months I know that.
When I run during my walk, I don't have a set time. I just start running and I run until I just can't anymore. Today I could only run once, but during one of my songs I was listening to the beat really picked up and I walked along with it. It was super fast! I count that as kind of running. A car drove past me as I was running and at first I freaked out because I do NOT want anyone looking out their car window at the pathetic failure fatty doing a shuffling jog on the side of the road and then I thought WHO CARES ANYWAY!!! If they are mean horrid people there is nothing I can do about it. I refuse to stay fat just because I don't want people to see me being fat and doing stuff to lose the weight! I just cannot control what people think or say. And shame on them.
And so the holidays begin in earnest. The cooking and cleaning start today, with much grumbling and griping by my kids (Why does it have to be HEEEEEERE). I have already gone over my menu and figured out what I can make today and what has to be done tomorrow. Like devilled eggs. I cannot do them today. For some reason they get all watery and gross so I have to boil, peel, and prepare them tomorrow. Which is totally worth it, k? I am not freaked out about eating tomorrow. I shall be using the proven patented pending method that Sean uses: Just add 1000 calories to the day. That way I still have a limit, I'm not throwing everything out the window.
*****Menu for tomorrow***********
mashed potatoes and gravy
homemade rolls
cheesy corn bake
green beans
devilled eggs
homemade rolls
oriental salad
relish tray with olives, gherkins, and cubed cheese
pretzel salad
pumpkin pie with cool whip
pecan pie
something chocolate, I haven't decided what yet. Thought about making something called Chocolate Demise but I'm afraid it'll be so good that I won't eat anything but that for the rest of my life.
Also having stuff for people to graze on later, with turkey sandwiches, of course!:
snappy oyster crackers
veggie tray with ranch dip
chips and dip
************End of menu****************
So tonight I'm making hamburgers and fries, a nice, easy meal that won't be difficult, after all the cooking today. Now I wish I had decided to make frozen pizza! That sounds a lot easier doesn't it! We'll have 14 people here. And I also need to iron tablecloths and napkins, make place cards, count out the silverware, pick out and fill salt and pepper shakers, find the candles I bought, and just generally do everything else. No, I'm not doing everything while my kids are lying around like slugs. Yes, they will be completely upset when I have them help. Yes, they will gripe and say 'I should have stayed upstairs' or 'I shouldn't have come into the kitchen' like I only make them help because they remind me of their presence. Kids. Sheesh.
I had my walk in between rain showers, and ate breakfast. I still need to shower and all and its already 10:30! There are not enough hours in the day.
Thanks for all the encouraging emails I got last night and this morning. Yes, I'm totally reconsidering the whole turn off comment decision.
Before I go: What do vegetarian zombies eat?   GRAAAAAAAIIIIIIIIIINNNNNNNNSSSSSSS.
I so love that! My daughter is an aspiring vegetarian and I was so excited to have a joke just for her!!!!
Thanks for reading. Have a good day, and make wise choices!!!!!!!